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my biodata

welcome to my page slide

Jasmine Sephira

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of my biodata

Jasmine Sephira The Profile Of Jasmine Sephira Yandonita Putri Full Name: Nickname: Jasmine, Jas, Jasm, Mine, etc. 13 September 1997 Date of Birth: Home Adress komplek. buncit indah, jln. mimosa v blok. c-11, pejaten barat, jakarta selatan. Donald James Macdonald (Dad)
Napsiah Yanti (Mom) Name of Parents: Brothers: Febrial Hidayat (Real)
Agus Prahara (Agus) Family Information: I'm from a mixed race family, my dad is 100% scottish and my mom is a mix of arabic and Indonesia. I am the 3rd child out of 3. I have 2 older brothers. My first brother is now taking his master's degree in aberdeen, scotland and my second brother is studying at the university of atma jaya. Both of them are taking law school. And it's not really easy being on a mixed race family. Febrial Hidayat Agus Prahara Mom Dad My Obsession: Singing GREEN!! Novels Gerard Pique (Footballer) Finn Harries (Youtuber) EXTRA INFORMATION!! Because of my singing obsession i started making my own videos on youtube, check it out guys!! :) www.youtube.com/JsmnSephira One of my video that's on my youtube.
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