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The Civil Rights Era

No description

Shana Lester

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Civil Rights Era

Double click anywhere & add an idea People Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was a kind African American women. One day, after a long day she got on the bus to ride home. She sat in the front where the white people were supose to sit. She was asked to move and was arrested for not doing so. Malcom X Malcom X was the leader of the Black Panthers. He believed that to get freedom we have to fight back . If a white man smacked a black man on the cheek that white man should be slapped back. Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall was the first African American judge on the supreme court. He recieved his degree at Howard University law school. MArshals first big case was in 1933 when he sued The University of Maryland for not admiting someone because they were black. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King is the man still known even after his death for having a dream. He fought almost his whole life for civil rights. MLK was assassinated April 4 , 1968. Organizations Black panthers KKK Nation of Islam NAACP The Black Panthers were a party who wanted to have a revolution for the establishment of real equality. The Black Panthers The theory of the Black Panthers was that with dignity and self respect, if minorities fought back then they would be treated equal. The KKK stands for the Klu Klux Klan. The KKK is a racist
group that were the reason for deaths of many African Americans.
They believed that if they showed the minorities that white people
were in power by killing them and lighting their houses on fire aswell
as other things, that Afican Americans would stop trying to get equality. The Nation of Islam was an African American movement and organization founded in detroit michigan. It was known for combining Islam elements of traditions and Black nationalist ideas. It was thought by the Nation of Islams that God would bring our nation peace. The NAACP stands for The National Association for the
Advancement of colored people. It is one of
the most influential civil rights movement organization
in the United States. CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Strategies Freedom Rides A Freedom ride was a bus ride where blacks and whites did not have to sit in assianed seats on busses. The idea of a freedom rides did not haveas originated from a nonviolent group trying to end segregation by race. On the first freedom ride, the bus was mobbed. Montgomery Bus Boycott The Montgomery Bus Boycott was when the African Americans of Montgomery, Alabama disided to not ride busses. Martin Luther King Jr. lead the Montgomery bus boycott after Rosa Parks was put in jail for not sitting in the back of the bus and refuseing to move when a white person wanted her seat. Sit-ins Sit-ins were a non-violent strategy used by African Americans in order to end segregation by race. Sit-ins during the Civil rights movement were normally heald in restraunts until a person in the sit-in was forcefully taken out of their location. March on Washington Participants in the march on Washington, marched the streets of Washington D.C. and then gathered around the lincoln monument. Around the Lincoln monument everyone san and prayed for the end of segregation
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