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No description

Denise Maestas

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Carbon

Physical Properties
Density.) 2.2670 grams per cubic cm
Color.) May be black
State at room temp.) Solid
Boiling point.) 4098° K
Melting point.) 3823° K
One interesting fact.) One fact that we find interesting is the color because I thought carbon would be clear but it may be black at times.

What compounds does carbon contain?
Hydrocarbon fuels, marsh gas, and the gasses resulting from the combustion of fuels and carbon monoxide are all compounds of carbon.
Who.) Unknown
Where.) Unknown
When.) since ancient times, although it was not recognized as an element until the second half of the 18th century

Chemical Properties
How do humans use it?

One interestimg fact.) an interesting fact is how carbon was around for a long time but it didnt even get noticed till the second half of the 18th century.
Reactivity.) Yes, sorta because heating is strongly required to make carbon powder and it would burn into oxygen.
Flammability.) Carbon is not flammable (there is nothing to burn)
Toxicity.) CArbon is not toxic because its a natural substance to nature or anyone
Family.) Group 14 in the periodic table
Magnetism.) magnetism carbonate, mgCO, is an inorganic that is a white solid
Malleabilty.) NO because carbon is a nonmetallic structure
One interesting fact.) one thing i find interesting ist that the flamabilty and how its not able to burn because i though you could burn it into a different substance or melt it.

Social Justice Issue
Works cited
google images

1.) Has low carbon communites
2.) makes pollution and global warming
3.) can cause more droughts, floods, and higher storm rates that cause human death
4.)tropical diseases that were never exposed in the u.s before
social justice solution
social justice connection
Carbon doesnt affect us now that much as kids but it might affect us in the future by climate change, and the reducing of the carbon footprint.
- Carbonated drinks contain carbon and thats what makes drinks fizzy

- InkJet Printers contain carbon as an ink base.

-Jewelery contains carbon and you can often referr to the jewelry as 'carbon jewelery'

- Fire estinguishers contain carbon. But only some of them do.
(Car-bon foot-print
is " the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emmited due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person or group.)
We recieved this infromation from
"carbon footprint - Oxford Dictionaries"

1.) We need to start using less equipment containing carbon so there is no pollution.

2.)We need to fight expansion of dirty fuels

3.)Involve more renewable resources

4.) Be more 'Widlife-friendly'
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