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How to do a Windows MovieMaker Movie

for TechTuesday

Mr Wakiki

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of How to do a Windows MovieMaker Movie

Start Button All Programs Windows
Maker collection of information this can be Pictures or video this is done by importing your images
by clicking the correct button to the
left ... small find where your
pictures are located
and click on them click on the pictures
or videos and import them
with the import button Pictures can NOT
be moved
(once imported) Editing Once you have imported your pictures/videos into
movie maker, you can now start dragging the pictures into the bottom row of Movie Maker you can switch views by
clicking on the Show Timeline/
Show Storyboard Button clipping!

If you would like to cut, separate or trim a video... Go to Timeline Mode and put the timeline where you want to cut the movie

Then from the menubar select the 'clip' pulldown and select 'split' This will allow you to
break up a movie and place other video or pictures inbetween no draggin' allowed if you do your source files will be lost You don't want to see this red X Exporting To a windows media Video

.WMV Go to File and drop down
to the "Save Movie File"
Selection Follow the menu
and save the video Once saved, you can
import it to a PowerPoint
or upload to your youtube
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