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No description

Julia Winn

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Instagram

Susannah Saunders
Emma Volpe
Sammy Brennan
Julia Winn

Instagram 101
Business Model
User Content Strategy
How Many of you have an Instagram Account?
Personal Accounts
Gaining Followers
1. Use 'Find Friends' function
2. Quality
3. Consistency
4. Hashtags
5. Link to other sites
#nofilter: avg 18 interactions, most commonly used
Mayfair: avg 23 interactions, but less than 5% of users use it
People post most on Thursdays, but Sundays would be most effective.
If have 1000+ followers, Monday most effective
Accounts with <1k followers have highest interaction with 11 hashtags
(avg of 77 interactions)
Instagram Faux Pas: How to Annoy People and Lose Followers on Instagram
Too many #selfies
Too many hashtags
Gross pics
Rapid fire uploads
Who you are + what you do + personality
Brands' Content Strategy
67% of top brands are now using Instagram (Marketing Profs)
Who's doing it well?
Most Followed Brands on Instagram
How to Promote Your Brand Successfully on Instagram
1. Understand your brand story and how Instagram fits into it

2. Engage your fans and target audience

3. Add messaging and use #hashtags
4. Develop creative storytelling
5. Develop an editorial calendar
6. Tap into User Generated Content (UGC)
Helpful Instagram Apps
Case Study: Nike
The hashtag obsessed.
#postforlikes #cute #me #pictureoftheday #love #friends
The shameless selfie.
Every photo is just their face with a less than witty captions
It makes us feel like we’re inside their lives a little bit.
The traveler.
Admit you’re a little jealous of all they’re doing and wondering how they afford it all.
Anyone with an Iphone or Android phone can use Instagram
Majority of users are female
Users are predominantly between 18-29 years old
Food, scenery, cute animals, and ‘selfies’ are all common items to Instagram
You can set your profile to public or private
Public: anyone can view, like, or comment your photos
Private: only users who send a request that you approve can view, like, or comment your photos
Instagram community is based around purely visual connections
Its audience is self-reflexive. Users indulge in the clichés.
Businesses, celebrities, and public figures have become popular users to build up their markets and followers.

The wannabe foodie.
Add a filter and your dining hall meal will look like it’s from a 5-star restaurant
The indulgers.
It’s not Thursday without a throwback.
By now I should have 3 free plane tickets and a free hotel stay from all the online competitions.
At a glance
The Basics
Some of the people you'll meet on Instagram

Plan A: burbn
Received $500,000 in funding from Baseline Ventures when the founders were working on Burbn
Do not have any other source of income
Raised $7 million dollars from investors and was valued at over $25 million.
Still not making any income
In April, Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion
In October, Instagram, now associated with Facebook, introduces it's first "sponsored" ad.
It ain't all about the Benjamins!
Instagram wasn't concerned with making money
Focused on building its community, user base, and functionality.
By not chasing the dollar, they could focus on making the app better.
What was their secret?
Kept overhead low - only 13 employees.
Didn't have a expensive headquarters.
Stayed nimble enough to switch from Burbn to Instagram.
Most importantly...
People LOVE the app!!
Filters make it possible to post professional looking photos
Uploads are quick and easy
Can share easily with other social media platforms
Bad move by Instagram?
Since Facebook bought the company, Instagram has grown from 30 million users to 150 million users.
Twitter is worth $30 Billion and has over 230 million users.
Should Instagram have waited out for more money???
"Our focus with every product we build is to make Instagram a place where people come to connect and be inspired. Building Instagram as a business will help us better serve the global—and ever growing—Instagram community, while maintaining the simplicity you know and love."
- Instagram
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