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Soft On The Person, Hard On The Issues

UC San Diego

Kim Katrin Milan

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Soft On The Person, Hard On The Issues

Let Love Win
Renewing Your Comitment To Each Other
Endless Possibility Of Love
Re-Membering Our Past
Community Care & Self Care
Soft On The Person, Hard On The Issues
Allyship In Action
Strategies For Solidarity
Possibility Models


Treat People The Way THEY Want To Be Treated
Strategies For Solidarity
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.
Another’s experience does not invalidate your own, but it should and necessarily does complicate your own.
Privilege happens at the expense of others.
Treat others the way that they want to be treated. Ask.
Imagine that your allyship card expires at the end of the day.
Guilt isn't useful, solidarity is. Leverage your privilege.
It is no one’s responsibility to educate you but your own.
Listen. Learn. Practice. Repeat.
Take up less space. Fall back.
Collect your folks.
@Kim Katrin Milan
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