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Discovering Engineering

(This doesn't involve engineering)

Eric Griffin

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Discovering Engineering

Computer Engineering
What is Computer Engineering
Computer Engineers integrate electrical engineering and computer science to provide software and hardware for the advancement of computer technology and usability.
4 Main Disciplines
Pt. 1
Chemical Engineering is applying chemistry to problems and involves working with health care, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and etc. Chemical engineers may encounter problems such as miscalculating the effect a chemical used in a new body spray product will have on humans.
4 Main Disciplines Pt 2
Civil Engineering involves working with, structural, transportation, water resources, and geotechnical engineering. Civil Engineers may encounter problems such as building a structure unprepared for earthquakes or other natural disasters.
My selected achievement was the worlds transition from binary to personal computers. This achievement came about from refining and innovating the first binary computers and consistently advancing the computer technology.
Mechanical Engineers help integrate machines in every day life by product design, research and development, manufacturing, systems management and etc. Mechanical engineers may encounter problems such as
unreliable factory machines
slowing down production of a new product..
Electrical Engineering involves working with the circuit and wiring of many products requiring electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical engineers may encounter problems such as unreliability in certain components.
Computer Engineering is an
extension of electrical engineering because it requires the implementation of the knowledge electric engineers specialize in to power the computers. Without the right electrical components a computer engineer's hardware and software wouldn't work.
The achievement I chose took the help of multiple engineers but, computer engineering had the most influence on this great achievement because of their dedication in providing and innovating both the hardware and software needed to advance to the pc.
If I were a computer engineer I would contribute my efforts to the brain computer interface (reverse engineering the brain) grand challenge. This challenge basically innovates prosthetic limbs by implementing BCI to allow greater control over the motion of the limbs. This would definitely impact the world in a positive way by allowing unlucky car accident survivors, war veterans and, diabetes patients to have the capabilities of someone who does not use prosthetic limbs.
1. What is it about “engineering” that is common to all disciplines of engineering? That is, what makes an “engineer” an “engineer” regardless of the work one does?

All engineers apply their knowledge of math and science in their work.

2. Why do you think engineering has been called the stealth profession? (Hint: there are many internet resources that address this question.)

Engineering has been called the stealth profession because everything other than nature and people has been engineered in some way and people don't normally recognize it.
3. How is an engineer different from a scientist?

Engineers and Scientists are different because they have different approaches to situations. Scientists tend to focus on finding general solutions to general problems and take more time to do so, where as engineers find practical solutions to any problem, have to worry about the deadline date, and are better at quick decisions.
4. What interpersonal characteristics do you think are important to the success of an engineer of any discipline?

Creativity is probably the most important trait of an engineer and without it your creations will be dull and boring.
Conclusion Questions
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