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Interactions between Europe and the World

No description

Raquel Arias-Camison

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Interactions between Europe and the World

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Interactions between Europe and the World
Throughout history, religious bigotry, racism and imperialism created communities that discouraged and devalued diversity, dissent and individual rights. However, the creation of the European Union and the current economic distress has encouraged progression toward the value of diversity, dissent and individual rights outside of Europe.

Why have Europeans sought contact and interactions with other parts of the world?
Desire to spread Catholicism
Formation of alliances against other religions
New route to Asia
search for goods such as spices
discovery of new places expanded the minds of people in Europe
Desire for individual success cause explorers to search for glory
Belief in limited wealth inspires competition between countries
Great Britain vs. France- colonialism in North America
Spain- authoritative policies influence international trade
Conclusion: Disrespect for other cultures, imperialism, racism
After deterioration of indigenous people, enslavement of Africans began
First implemented by Portuguese and Spanish
Increased racism
Fueled by scientific discovery and thought of Scientific Revolution
Motivations for Exploration
Agricultural Revolution
Increased technological developments on farms led to increased production and furthered competition
Example: cotton gin
Conclusion: increased racism and class conflict
Fueled demand for raw materials and resources
Africa: ivory, rubber, minerals, gold and diamonds
Egypt: Suez Canal and British intervention
Conclusion: Corruption, exploitation and devaluing of individual rights for Europe's benefit.
Nationalism and Social Darwinism
Belief that one's own culture and government were superior to others
Enforce policies and practices on "backwards" countries
"Scramble for Africa" and Berlin Conference
Social Darwinism fuels racism
King Leopold II of Belgium in Africa
"Heart of Darkness"
Established foundation for Apartheid
Conclusion: Systems of racial hierarchy and immorality established
Thematic Questions
the pursuit of monetary benefits to insure economic profitability of a nation
growth of nationalism and focus on individual ideologies
belief in the superiority of the religion of one's own nation
What political, technological, and intellectual developments enabled European contact and interaction with other parts of the world?
Political: Monarchies and totalitarian regimes
individual pursuit of land without regard for others' rights
Example: Hitler, Louis XIV
Technological: Industrialization and scientific discovery
increased knowledge of the world outside of Europe and increase in production
Intellectual: Advancements in science translates to society
Social Darwinism, misogyny
How have encounters between Europe and the world shaped European culture, politics and society? What impact has contact with Europe had on non European societies?
Nationalistic influence, but progress toward accepting cultural diversity
Progress from monarchies and authoritarian regimes to representative governments
European Union cooperation with foreign alliances.
Racism, but progression toward acceptance of equal rights and diversity

Goodbye AP Euro. forever.
Factors of Exploration
Results of Exploration
new technological discoveries allow for more exploration
Example: astrolabe
Disease and Death
indigenous people suffer
beginnings of commercialization
nations against other nations for goods
Affect both Europe and the Americas extensively
Conclusion: disrespect for other cultures
by: Raquel Arias-Camison, Lindsey Sheppard, Alee McDonald, and Olivia Piper
decision to decolonize because of loss of economic profitability
Example: Dutch colonists couldn't afford to maintain colony, asked UK for help
change in economic system
Wars for Independence
countries chose to fight for their own rights as countries
Conclusion: more respect for other cultures, however still based on the needs of Europe
Formation of the European Union
more unified foreign and economic policy, therefore less focus on conquering other countries
economic distress between countries inside of the union, so less ability to focus on other countries
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