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Ag Communications History Presentation

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Madison Andersen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Ag Communications History Presentation

Katie Roskamp, Shelbi Kautz and Madison Andersen

Broadcasting began in 1920
First station's call letters were KDKA

National Communications Association
Founded in 1914
Woman's Right to Vote
The 19th Amendment was ratified on August 26th, 1920
Agricultural Advancements
1915-1920-Enclosed gear developed for tractor
1918-Small prairie-type combine with auxiliary engine introduced
1926- Cotton Stripper developed for the High Plains
Successful Light tractor developed
First Woman Senator
Rebecca Latimer Felton from Georgia
Betty Crocker
• General Mills created the character in 1921.
• To promote helpfulness, trustworthiness, and quality
• 1924 - Launched "The Betty Crocker Cooking School on the Air".
• Due to success, 21 home economists were hired for the brand
• Real kitchens has been built for the 50,000 test recipes each year.

Walt Disney
• Oct. 16, 1928 - signed 1st contract to start the Walt Disney Company
• Nov. 18, 1928 - released Mickey and Minnie's first appearance

• Mandated by the 18 Amendment
• Ratified by the 21 Amendment
• Created bootlegging, speakeasies, and gang violence
• National ban on the sale, production, and transportation of alcohol.
• led by rural protestants
Government Activity
1917 - Espionage Act
1918 - Sedition Act
1919 - Treaty of Versailles, Volstead Act, 18 Amendment, and Schenck v. United States
1920 - 19 Amendment
1921 - Immigration Act of 1921
1924 - Immigration Act of 1924
The Lost Generation
Gertrude Stein E.E. Cummings
Ernest Hemingway Archibald MacLeish
F. Scott Fitzgerald Hart Crane
John Doe Passos
World War One
The Cause
War was between Central Powers and the Allied Powers
U.S. joined the Allied forces in 1917
Trench Warfare
More than 9 million killed and 21 million wounded
Lead to the Treaty of Versailles and the establishment of the League of Nations
Food Guide
The USDA first created the food guide in 1916.
"Food for Young Children" nutritionist Caroline Hunt.
It was designed to help people choose healthy diets.
The guide included the five food groups; milk and meat, cereals, vegetables and fruit, fats and fat foods, and sugars and sugary foods.
National Communications Association
Founded in 1914 as the National Association of Academic and Teachers of Public Speaking
The first president was James M. O'Neill from the University of Wisconsin
The first convention was hosted in Chicago in 1915, 60 attracted members and 16 programs were featured on the program.
Annual dues were $2 and the convention cost $1.
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