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Persuasive Techniques


lucy greenwood

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Techniques

Opinions are your thoughts and ideas.
Student Goals:

You will be able to describe seven different persuasive techniques.
You will be able to identify persuasive techniques in an advertisement.
You will be able to explain the effects of persuasive techniques.
Persuasive Techniques......
Facts and Figures

These are used to support your ideas.

Your thoughts or opinions.
Does anyone have any initial ideas on what is meant by persuasive techniques?
Can anyone give me any other examples?
Rhetorical Question
Asking a question that does not require an answer.
Words used to trigger your feelings.
Words used that make you sympathize.
Words that pull on your heart strings.
The best or worst quality of something.
Tripling or The Rule of Three

Using three words together.
Fact and Figures

Facts and figures are used to support your ideas.
Rhetorical Question
Does anyone have any initial ideas on what is meant by persuasive techniques?
Now you are ready to discover persuasive techniques used
in advertisements.
This is an acronym which can help you to
remember seven different persuasive techniques.
The Challenge is on......
ONE MINUTE CHALLENGE: Discuss in your group the differences between fact and opinion.
Cadbury’s creme egg...How do you eat yours?

What effect does a rhetorical question have on its audience?
30 Second Challenge:
Write down one emotive adjective....
"Just 20p a day can give water to a starving baby"
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil
You tell me....
Write down any persuasive techniques that you see or hear..
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