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Seeing Red book report

No description

Matthew Perez

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Seeing Red book report

The time that the story take place in is the 1970's.
The story takes place way down south in Stony Gap Virginia.

Rising Action
Red visits Miss Georgia and she talks to him. She tells him that about a church. After that he vows to find the land that once held a historic African-American church for her. Then Red sends out for the church and he finds it. But when goes inside the old abandoned church he finds a map in the ground that is from hundred year ago. When he looks closer he see's that it says his family's name on it.
Red is trying to get his life back together after his father dies. His mom is trying to sell there family business and getting ready to move there family to Ohio. Red is determined to stop them from moving by asking a gang to spray paint the shop and do other things so he can stay in Stoney Gap Virginia. He does this so he can stay with his friends and continue on with his normal life .
Seeing Red
Book by: Kathryn Erskine
Prezi By: Matthew Perez
6th Period
Frederick Stewart Porter(Red) : After 12 year old Red Porter’s father dies suddenly, he’s left with a terrible feeling in his heart. He spends his time in the auto shop in Stony Gap, Virginia where he used to hang out with his dad, learning about cars and fixing things right. When Red’s mother wants to move to Ohio, he is determined to find a way to stay put in Virginia.

Main Conflict
Thomas : Thomas used to be best friends with Red Porter. He was his best friend in tell Red made a desperate attempt to discourage the sales man in selling his family auto shop. He went to a know gang in his town and he burned a cross right in front of him so the gang would spray paint the auto shop.
Miss Georgia: Miss Georgia is an old lady who is like family to the Porters. She would always babysit Red and Thomas and tell them story's about when there parents were young.
Falling Action
The climax of the story is when Red finds and opens the map that he found at the old church. When he opens the map he see's his family's past. this is what it said that his family had an involvement in the church’s demise and even his namesake’s role in a murder.
Red finds out about the unsettling past of his family. After he finds out he is devastated about what his past family did.
In the end Red does move to Ohio and he is left with the unsettling questions about his family's over all legacy.
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