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Timeline on Marcus Aurelius

No description

Matt Hager

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Timeline on Marcus Aurelius

Born on April 26, 121 AD in Rome, Italy. Marcus Aurelius In 140 AD Marcus became consul of Rome. A postion he would hold for 2 more times in his lifetime. http://www.biography.com/people/marcus-aurelius-9192657 In 145 AD Marcus married his cousin Faustina, the daughter of emperor Antoninus Pius. http://www.philosophybasics.com/philosophers_marcus_aurelius.html http://www.unrv.com/empire/timeline-of-second-century.php In AD 161, Antoninus Pius died, and the senate sought to make Marcus sole emperor. Due to Marcus's insistence, reminding the senators of the wills of both Hadrian and Antoninus, that his adoptive brother Verus was made his imperial colleague. In AD 161, war broke out with the Parthians and Rome suffered setbacks. http://www.roman-empire.net/highpoint/marcaurelius.html When Verus returned in 166 AD, from Syria they brought a devestating plauge racked the empire. Then the northern frontiers saw successive attacks Died on March 17, 180 AD Verus died in 169 so Marcus Aurelius pushed on alone, attempting to drive away the Germanic invader. 175AD he faced another problem he became ill. 180AD his son Commodus became emperor and soon after the northern military effort ended.
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