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Roman Language & Literature

No description

Lillian A

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Roman Language & Literature

This is the Roman alphabet.

This is our alphabet.
Can you see the resemblance to our alphabet?
Famous Writings
The Aeneid
The Bible
The Bucolics
The Georgics

The Romans kept great records in their ginormous libraries. There were also amazing transcripts, peoms, and ideas.
Roman Pronounciation
The Romans pronounced their alphabet slightly different then we do. Their "V" sounds like our "W" and their "I" sounds like our "J".
Roman Language & Literature
Now can you find the three missing letters that we added?
Let's practice speaking like a Roman!
1. Villa
2. Ocula
3. Pecunia
4. Ego
5. Videt
Now for a fun review game!
By: #smal (Anna, Maddy, Lilly, Sreya)
Essential Question

- How has their literature and language
impacted ours?

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