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Metric System v.s Standard System of measure

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Lexi Pizzuto

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Metric System v.s Standard System of measure

The U.S.A, Liberia, and Burma are the only
countries in the world that do not use the metric system. Standard System Pros
. Everyone who has gone through schooling in the U.S already know this system
.All of our signs and packaging are in this system
. Less room for error because if people are using these measures are not used to them mistakes can be made
. Conclusion In my opinion it would be very beneficial for the U.S to switch to the metric system. I feel that this will benefit us in the long run with keeping up in science, innovation, and the economy. The pros out weigh the cons in this instance. I do not feel however that in our economy and recession that it is wise to make the switch right now due to the costs. This is a switch that I feel based on the evidence should be made in a few years. Pros and Cons of the metric
system and Standard system The question is... do we switch? Metric System Pros
.Everything is in a multiple or fraction of ten
. There's a base unit for every measure
.Used internationally
.Easy to see how much a unit is of another unit
.It is much less likely that errors will occur when using only one system
. Statistics have shown that in the future it will be the only system... those who do not use it will be left behind Cons
. Very different from standard such as using meters no matter the distance being discussed as opposed to feet, yards,miles.
.It's very costly to change because you must change road signs, people have to purchase new measuring devices, companies must change packaging (etc.)
. Many people in countries using standard do not know metric measuring therefore millions of people would need to learn a whole new system Cons
. Most medical and scientific terminology is in the metric system
.On items that are being exported we must have metric and standard units on packaging so other people can understand it
. 96% of countries use the metric system
sites used www.about.ch/various/unitconversion.html
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