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Latin Year 1 Final Portfolio

No description

Paige Boyadjis

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Latin Year 1 Final Portfolio

Latin Year 1: Final Portfolio
My Best Translation
I chose the first translation in Stage 10 as my best translation, even though I am in Stage 14 now. I chose this translation because I felt very confident and it was one of the only translations I did all by myself, without any help from my teacher or peers. I can tell that the majority of the translation is correct because it makes sense to me ans sounds right. After completing this activity I felt really confident and knew that I was ready for the rest of Stage 10. As I expected after finishing the translation, Stage 10 was one of my personal best stages.
Throughout my first year of Latin, I found myself struggling with grammar concepts. Even when I took French in middle school, grammar didn't come easily to me and was difficult for me. I had particular difficulty with the verb endings for the present, perfect, and imperfect tenses in Latin Year 1. I tended to forget which ending went with what verb and sometimes I even got them confused with the noun endings. However, I got through the endings with the help of my teacher and my peers, especially the other students at my table. After overcoming this problem, I aced my verb endings on the assessments.
Video #1
In my first video where I read the translation and ansewered the questions, I had no idea what I was saying. I guessed on every question and had no idea what the answers were. I hestitated while I was talking and pronounced basically every word wrong.
Video #2
In my second video, I felt a lot more confident. I think I got most of the questions right and I know that my pronunciation was great. I understood the majority of the story, instead of none of it when I read the story back in September. The biggest difference between my two videos is that I felt like a real Latin student in my second video. This video displays, very accurately, how much I have grown in Latin.
Culture #1
I enjoyed reading the culture sections is my Latin book because it made the stories and translations make more sense. The translations "came to life" through the culture because I felt like I knew the characters personally and understood how they lived their lives. The culture sections gave me an insight to how people in Pompeii got through everyday, dealt with their conflicts, and their thoughts at the time. One of my favorite culture topics was "Local Government and Elections". The passage was about the Pompeian government and election systems. I liked this culture section because I like learning about government and politics so it was interesting to learn how it was done in Ancient Rome.
In English class this year, we studied Romeo and Juliet. While reading the play, I could easily notice many Latin references and sometimes understand phrases in the play that my classmates couldn't. Sarah and I also noticed that a few of the stage directions in Shapespeare's theater were either in Latin or clearly derived from Latin words.
By Paige Boyadjis
Stage 10- controversia
Quintus has a Greek friend. The friends was Alexander. Quintus and Alexander went to the exercise ground, where the Greek teacher was. This teacher was Theodorus and he lived near the exercise ground. In the exercise ground there is a long colannade, where Theodorus used to teach young boys. After they came to this colonnade, Quintus and Alexander listened to the teacher. The teacher debates with the young boys.
Quintus exclaimed, "Greeks are better than Romans."
"No! We Romans are better than Greeks."
Then, Quintus explaimed his proof to the teacher and his friend.
Theodorus, after he heard their opinion, responded, "We don't seek your opinion, we seek proof."
"We Romans are very strong. We overcome the fiercest barbarians. We have the greatest empire. We preserve the peace. You Greeks are always in trouble."
"We are very good builders. We build streets and bridges everywhere. The city of Rome is greater than any other city."
"Lastly we Romans work carefully. Therefore God gave us the greatest empire. You Greeks are cowards. You never work. God gave you nothing."
After Quintus explains his opinion, the young Pompeian boy violently applauds and praised him. Then Alexander got up. The young Pompeian is silent and intently looks at Alexander.
"You Romans are pathetic. You have a greater empire, but you are imitators, we Greeks are creators. You look at Greek statues, you read Greek books, you listen to Greek teachers. You Romans are ridiculous, because you are Greeker than we Greeks."
The young boys, after Alexander explains his opinion, laughed.
Then Theodorus announces, "Alexander is the winner. His proof was explained very well."

Culture #2
I also enjoyed culture a lot because I love history and I love learning about history. So another culture section I liked was "Britannia". I liked it because it was exciting and interesting at the same time. It was exciting to learn about Rome's conquest and their accomplishments. I also liked this reading because it talked about a different land and different topics than culture usually does when it is about Pompeii; it was nice to have some variety. In "Britannia" they discussed both the Roman conquest and began to talk about life in Britannia and how Romans viewed Britannia.
Final Reflection
When I first came into Latin 1 and learned about the self-paced program, I was nervous and a little confused. I was unsure if I would do well in the class and I could really handle the responsibility of self-paced learning. However, throughout the year I loved the self-paced Latin and the class itself. This course really helped me take responsibility, manage my time, and just help myself mature in general. I felt like I learned the material better when I could go at my own pace and make my own decisions to see if I was ready to move on or not. I also enjoying working with my peers. Gillian and Ben were a little ahead of me so they helped me sometimes, usually with grammar problems. Sarah and I were at the same pace throughout the class so we often times worked together, and did Latin together outside of school.
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