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Marine Engineer

No description

Xavier Ford

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer
Xavier Ford
3rd Period
Ms Barnes
What They Do ?
Marine Engineers work closely with naval architects to design and build everything from small yachts and fishing boats to submarines and aircraft carriers, conduct studies to contemplate designs for marine engines , or structures. Run series of test machinery and equipment and more.
Salary And Outlook
Average Annual Wage $96,140
Average Annual Range $54,260 to $150,560
Average Hourly Wage $46.22
Outlook Stable
Growth is estimated to be 11%
Less than 1000 average annual openings are expected for this occupation between 2010 and 2020.
If you want to have a career as a Marine Engineer, an marine engineer or a naval architect, you'll need to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering. After graduation, you'll need 4 years of professional experience before taking the licensure exam to become a Professional Engineer and being able to offer your services to the public.
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