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closed ecosystem project

No description

ahmad hamdeh

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of closed ecosystem project

closed ecosystem project
create a self sustaning ecosystem with a producer, 1st order consumer, and a decomposer.
Data recorded
PH- 6.5
Dissolved oxygen- 12.8
temprature- 78 degrees

nonliving things
food web
producer- moss ball, alage,and rossete sword
1st order consumer- guppy
dccomposer- rossete sword
photo period
photo period is the time the plant is exposed to sunlight. My plants are exposed 12 hours a day to produce the enough oxygeon.
by: Ahmad Hamdeh
living components
moss ball -plant
rossette sword-plant/ filter
guppy-first order consumer
algae- producer

oxygeon supply
The 2 plants being exposed to sunlight 12 hours a day produce enough dissolved oxygen for the guppy.
shelter needs
The guppy sleeps under the big rossette leaf swords
reproductive capabilities
The guppy does not have a mate so it will not reproduce in this ecosystem.
growth capabilities
The guppy is full grown at a size of 4 cm.
The moss ball and rossette sword are also at max size.
metabolic processes
The plants are getting enough sunlight to live.
The guppy is getting all its food from the algae which is spreading fast enough for the guppy to eat.
changes i made upon advice from water center representative
I realized that my plants needed more sunlight becuase they were not prodycing enough oxygen
possible sources of error
The rosette sword might not be enough to filter all that water at the rate it does.
suggestions for next time
i would say get a filter feeder like a clam or mussel to go with it for more efficent water filtering.
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