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Jobs and Clothing of The Colonial Period

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Karlie Hagopian

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Jobs and Clothing of The Colonial Period

Slave's Jobs
-Jobs for slaves were very hard and difficult.
-Slaves were only given a place to sleep, clothing, and enough food to keep them alive and healthy.
-They worked 6-7 days a week.
- The jobs they had included:
- plantation workers
-fur trappers
-glass blowers
-carriage drivers

Slave's Clothing
-Wore loose fitting clothes that were made out of the cheapest material they could find.
- Male slaves received 2 suits a year. One in summer and one in winter.
- Seventeenth Century male slave hands normally received: A waist coat with sleeves, two shirts, and trousers.
-Female field hands received a petticoat, jacket, and two shirts. All this made up loosely fitting dresses.
Jobs of Men
- Jobs outside the home that filled people's needs.
-Jobs included:
Once married men had more power over the wife.
-Had more important jobs.
Children's Jobs
Girls 4-8: Began working with their Mother's. They learned how to cook, sew, and milk cows.
Boys 4-8: Began working with their Father's and learned how to farm, cut wood for fires, and participate in the jobs their Father did for the family.
Girls 9-10: If from a wealthy family they would go to school and if not they were taught by their parents. They would cook, sew, garden, and collect food for the animals.
Jobs/Clothing of Women
- No work on Sunday
-Made soap, candles, and clothes
-Had slaves that did the hardest work
-Difficult, exhausting, and unappreciative.

Jobs and Clothing of The Colonial Period
By: Karlie Hagopian

Men's Clothing
Clothing inclued:
-Suit -They almost always look dressed up.
Children's jobs continued
Boys 9-12: Boys usually went to school and learned from a horn book. If the family could not afford school for their kid they home schooled them. They boys education was very important.
Teen Girls: Girls stopped going to school or being education by high school and they started doing all the work that needed to be done at home.
Teen Boys: Boys began working as an apprentice in the subject there family wanted. Sometimes teen boys went to college if they could afford it. When they weren't busy with school they worked on their family's farm.


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