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Alex and Colton Colony Project

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Alex and Colton Colony Project

Georgia Colony
Colonial History Brief
Georgia was the last to be established of the English colonies in North America. It was founded in 1732. Its major city was Savannah. The original name for Georgia was the Province of Georgia. The Georgia colony was founded 50 years after the first 12.
Type of People Living in Georgia
Most people in the Georgia colony were british immigrants wanted in England for not paying their bills (because they were poor). Most people became fur traders, ship builders, fisherman, or plantation owners.
Type of Economy
Georgia's economy wast based on agriculture and trade.Georgia had many farms and plantations. Most plantations grew tobacco and cotton.They traded crops to get things they could not make themselves such as shoes, lace, and farm tools. Georgia was also involved in the slave trade. They traded crops and money for slaves from Africa that they forced to work on their plantations and farms.
Reasons Founded
The Georgia colony was founded to help protect South Carolina from the Spanish in Florida and the French in Louisiana. It also was founded as a safe haven for debtors. Georgia was also founded to help poor people in England escape from prison for not paying their bills.
The Georgia colony was founded by James Oglethorp in 1732.
Georgia allowed religious freedom, though most of of the residence were baptists or evangelicals/evangelists.
Why You Should Settle At Our Colony
You should settle in our colony because there are beautiful hills in this rural area as well as rich soil for growing crops. The area also has a long growing season so if you are a farmer welcome to your dream land.
The thirteenth and final colony
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