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Olmec civilization project

No description

James Walker

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Olmec civilization project

Olmec culture
In the 1900s the Olmecs were a "group of people who share customs, history, beliefs, and other traits"of ancient Mesoamerica.Scholars had named the group based on the style of their artifacts. the name means loosely rubber people.
Olmec geography I
the Olmec home land is on the south coast of the gulf of Mexico's coastal plain. In south Veracruz in a state called Tabasco.it is called that because of all the great Olmec sites.
Olmecs, then myans?
the biggest surprise was that the olmecs had flourished way before the myans did. aparently to "scholers were baffeled. to them it seemed that a "highly sophistocated society" just poofed into existance.
The Olmec city
It wasn't til the 1930s that archaeologist Matthew Stirling digging to find "artifacts and remains" at La Venta in Mexico.Under a blanket of vegetation he found an ancient city. he uncovered artifacts proving that the Olmec were a "distinct people" with some kind of "sophisticated society" and "advanced arts."
Olmec geography II
The area of the olmec geography is about125 miles long. Also about 50 miles wide. It also has the Coatzalcoalcos River system running through it.
Olmec currency
aparently greenstone celts were cymbollic ears of corn and was used as a currency among the olmecs, instead of "primitive" form of money.
olmec religion
we do not know much about the religion of the olmecs in this point in time
rise of olmecs
the olmecs were extremly skilled in stone sculpting, and built vast cities. and the olmecs have made beautiful statues,jade msaks,their currency and the stone olmec heads without metal tools.
fall of the olmecs
i belive the current theory is that the olmecs fell between 400 and 350 BC "due to environmental change that they could not adapt to, changes that may have been caused by their own farming practices."
olmec heads
the olmecs are famous for their colossal bassalt carved heads. these heads were made with stone tools and are 100s of years old but still intact.
The olmecs practiced a game called handball, witch is belived to have been a sacrificial game. Two teams would try to score more points than the other, by throwing the ball through a sideways hoop. the losing team would be sacrificed.
the most important city that emerged at that time was Teotihuacán or “the place of the gods”
the olmecs built pyramids of the moon and sun it is said that Mesoamerica, one of their gods, was "worshiped by many" and instructed them in agricultural practices. Quetzalcoatl was thought to be a "benevolent" god, but did not support the practice of human sacrifice, yet the olmecs practiced human sacrifice.
by century 5 or 6 A.D.
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