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A cell is like a House science project.

No description

Melinda R

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of A cell is like a House science project.

A cell is like a House
Melinda Ramirez
Andrea Gonzalez ''B''-The Nucleus in a cell is like the Parents of a house because just like the nucleus protects the cells DNA the parents of the house protects the kids in the house. ''D''-Nucleolus produces ribosomes witch move out
of the nucleus and take position of the rough Endoplasmic reticulum. ''B'' -The nucleus is a the control center of the cell that holds the cells DNA. '' A''-The cell membrane acts as a protective barrier Letting things go in and out of the cell. ''A''- A Cell Membrane is like a
front door of a house because the
Cell Membrane lets things go in and out of the cells just like a front door lets people or things go in and out. ''D'' - The Nucleolus is like the cook of the house
because she or he makes protein/food for your
family body just like the nucleolus makes protein for the cell. ''C'' - Cytoplasm helps the organelles to move freely and
safely around and provides support for the cell. ''C'' - A houses floor is like a cytoplasm
because the cytoplasm in a cell
allows the organelles to move freely
and safely just like the floor of a house
allows people to Rome there house freely.
The cytoplasm also provides support for
the cell just like the floor of a house
provides support for the humans on it
and the walls around it. ''E'' - The Solar Panels in the house are just like ribosomes
because just like the ribosomes store protein the Solar panels store energy . ''E'' - A ribosomes is a part in the cell that stores
protein for the cell. ''F'' - The Golgi Apparatus is the an organelle were
protein after being made are put into or transported
to. ''F'' - The Closet of a house is similar to a
Golgi Apparatus the Golgi Apparatus
hold the protein that is done being made
in our body and the closet of a house stores
the clothes that we were on our body. ''H'' - A cytoskeleton provides superstructure
for the typical Endoplasmic reticulum. ''H'' - The walls of a house
are just like the cytoskeleton
because the cytoskeleton helps to
move the cells membrane and
keep the cell together just
like the walls of a house keep the
house together and sturdy. ''I'' - Mitochondria provides the energy a cell needs to move and didvid.They are a power center of the cell. ''I'' - The outlet of a house are just like
mitochondria because the outlet
of a house powers energy to help work
things like lights and toasters
and the mitochondria is the power
center of the cell that helps make
the cell move. ''G'' - Lysosmes is a structure inside a cell witch breaks down material into compounds. ''G'' - Bleach from the cleaning supplies
in the house is like lysosmes because it
breaks down germs that cause bacteria
and the Lysosmes breaks down material in the cell.
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