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Investor pitch

No description

Vladislava Chalei

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Investor pitch

say hi! to Real Problem Small-scale pilot
in Oxford Go-to-market Reagents

often left over
costly to dispose of on-line sharing
platform Donate what you no longer need

Get what you want, cheap and fast

Learn research tips from your peers ..and collects fees on the way! FREE to join

FREE to share within a lab

Commission per external transaction The Team
13 years of research experience
customer knowledge
great links to opinion holders in biology and chemistry platform for scientific reagents bn/year £ LabBuddies matches givers and receivers anywhere!.. 13 years of web-development expertise
7 years of sales and marketing experience bn by 2016 UK academia globally 267, 000 life scientists in the UK round A Time to meet LabBuddies
IT alpha seed investment IT beta in labs
UK-wide cuts costs cuts waiting time no disposal hustle money saved
time saved
waste prevented
tips and tricks = for users £££ profit for the company 1.25bn*25%*10%*10%= £3.125 mln LabBuddies.com eBay style cost *ads in relevant context
subscription fees (industry)
customer behaviour data for the 1st time! Thank you! Future Business 24th Jan 2013 bn > LabBuddies Dr Green Dr Brown needs has, but doesn't use needs has, but doesn't use £500 £0 £ 350 £0 www.labbuddies.com
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