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Jay is guilty

No description

Avery Spirewka

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Jay is guilty

Jay Is Guilty
The Case Against Jay
The Case For Adnan
Jay Wilds
Adnan Syed
Hae Min Lee
The Important people
Hae Min Lee
Jay's Timeline
Adnan's Timeline
- Cops interviewed Jay a few hours before Adnan gets arrested
- January 12th 1999 - Jay claimed that on the “12th” or the night before Adnan enlisted Jay’s help to bury Hae’s body
- February 28th 1999 @ 1:30A.M. - Jay begins talking about Hae’s murder and says he does not want a lawyer.
- March 15th 1999 - Jay’s 2nd interview
- Jay took the cops on a ride of what happened on January 13th , he did this on March 18th 1999

- Free period in the morning : Adnan is with Jay and tell's Jay to buy Stephanie a birthday gift.
- He then goes back to school at 11.
- 2:40 : Asia McClain talk in the library
- Between 3-3:00 : Track starts
- 4:30 : Adnan gets picked up from track and goes to get something to eat
- 6:30 : The police call Adnan asking about Hae
- Between 7 - 8: Adnan arrives home

-Jay cheated on Stephanie (For example, he was at his friend Jennifer's house on the day Hae was murdered)
-Jay could have told Adnan as they went out to buy a gift for Stephanie
-Adnan later on told Hae when he went back to school that day
-Hae went to confront Jay about the topic before picking up her cousin, and they fought
-Jay ended up strangling Hae
Important places
- Leakin park
- Woodlawn High School
- Best Buy
- Woodlawn public library
- Lenscrafters

General Timeline
- Jay was one of the people to bury Hae
- Jay said that he didn't help Adnan bury her, but he brought shovels
- Jay changed his story that he told to the police many times
- first he said that only Adnan dug the grave, but then he said that they both did
- Jay supposedly knew about "Adnan's plan to murder Hae" 5 days before it happened
- After the day Adnan buried Hae, Jay went to a dumpster and cleaned the shovels and disposed of his clothes
- When Jay went to the dumpster, he had 2 shovels
- Jay was the only one that said that Adnan was really mad and sad after his breakup with Hae (everyone else said that he seemed fine)
- Jay and Adnan are semi-friends
- Jay said “I am the criminal element of Woodlan”
- Jay said that he didn't care if the cops caught him even if he buried Hae's body because he had already been caught by the police before
-Adnan was Hae's ex-boyfriend
- Adnan was always considered a good student
-Adnan was religious
- Adnan was was very helpful
-He almost always followed his parents' and religion's rules, with a few exceptions
-People called him a "golden child"
-Adnan was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee, and is now serving life in prison
-Adnan claims he did not kill Hae
-When asked to remember the events of the day of Hae's murder, he claimed that there was "Nothing abnormal about that day”
-A girl named Asia McClain claimed to see Adnan in the library as Hae was being murdered
-When Adnan was told that Hae was murdered, he was seen crying at Hae's best friend's house and saying Hae couldn't be dead, and that they must have the wrong girl
- Adnan was really upset about Hae's death and didn’t think much of becoming a suspect

Hae Min Lee - Senior in high school, was murdered
Jay Wilds - A distant friend of Adnan
Adnan Syed - ex boyfriend of Hae, prime suspect of her murder, has been in jail for over 15 years for her murder
Aisha - Hae’s best friend
Don -Hae’s boyfriend at the time of the murder
Stephanie Mcpherson - Jay’s girlfriend
Asia Mcclain - Wrote letters to Adnan when he was in jail
Mr.S - worker at an elementary school, known for streaking, found Hae’s body
Jennifer Pusitary - Friend of Jay but was called on Adnan’s phone many times on the day Hae died.

Jay Is Guilty Of The Murder of Hae Min Lee.
- April 27th 1998 - the prom took place (At this prom Adnan left Stephanie at prom during the prom king and queen dance to dance with Hae instead.)
- December 3, 1998 - Adnan and Hae are back together (based on journal entries)
- January 12th 1999 - Last entry in diary (The entry was mostly about Adnan)
January 13th 1999 - 2:36 ( time of death ) she was strangled in that 21 minutes from 2:15 - 2:36 however hae was alive at 2:15 when school ended and then she couldn’t leave because of the buses going out for at least 10 minutes and then she went and got a snack and talked to inez butler at the gym.
- february 9th 1999 - (1 month after hae’s death ) Hae’s body was found in a park and the search for Hae ends
- February 28th, 1999 - Adnan was arrested
- February 2000 - Adnan’s trial

What's the deal?
Hae Min Lee was a senior at Woodlawn Highschool at the time that she was allegedly murdered by her ex - boyfriend, Adnan Syed
She was thought to have been murdered on January 13th, 1999 at 2:36 PM
She went to pick up her cousin from school and never showed up that day.
Her dead body was found about a month, February 9th, in Leakin Park.
Trials concluded that Adnan was responsible for the murder of Hae Min Lee
Most evidence points to Jay Wilds, however
Jay's Motives
Leakin Park
Woodlawn High School
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