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Project: Personal Profile

No description

Helen Ngo

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Project: Personal Profile

Achievements: What are my Strengths?
Being a decent badminton player
Doing well in science and geography
Being able to commit myself to my goals no matter what happens--which is how I was able to go to Mackenzie (MaCS Program)
Being able to computer program simple games using Turing and Java
Evidence that can support my Achievements
I play recreational badminton and I'm quite the player.
93% in science and 97% in geography last year (grade 9)
My ISP for ICS (computer programming) was to make a game.
Careers that would suit my results
Computer Programmer
Video Game Designer
Results from Self-Assessment Activities:
"People are my passion"
I like helping other people.
I like to take care of people.
I would like a job where I could deal with people all day.
I like hearing people's opinions.
I like interacting with people.
Evidence to support my Interests
I loved working with children while I was helping out at a summer camp.
I like helping others with their problems and school work.
I like being with other people and hearing their opinions on a variety of subjects.
Careers that would suit my results
Guidance Counselor
Social Worker
Results from Self-Assessment Activities:
Writing stories
Being able to learn languages quickly
Being able to adapt to new situations quickly and effectively
Evidence that can support my Skills
90% in ICS
I had have some short stories and some of my poems published
I have studied Cantonese for 10 years and graduated from my Chinese school with top honours
I am known to be calm and collected when an emergency arises, according to my family and peers
Project: Personal Profile
By: Helen Ngo
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Multiple Intelligences
Results of Self Assessment:
First, and foremost, a Visual Learner (remember things by seeing pictures in my head; picture smart)
However, I have also have Logical Strength (logic smart), Interpersonal Strength (people smart), and Intrapersonal Strength (self smart)
Evidence that supports my Multiple Intelligences
Visual Learner: I learn best by making notes and reading them over to study. I often visualize what I am learning in my head.
Logical Strength: I am good at math, science, and I.T. and I am good at solving problems.
Interpersonal Strength: People usually come to me to address their problems and need for advice and support.
Intrapersonal Strength: I am independent and like spending time alone.
Careers that would suit my results
Careers that would suit my results
Computer Systems Specialist
Life Skills Instructor
Learning Skills
Results of Self-Assessment:
Good communication skills
Excellent time management skills
Always ready to deal with conflict if the need arises
Problem solving is my strength
I collaborate well with others
Evidence that supports my Learning Skills
I am good at communicating through my writing and speech, as said by my teachers and peers
I love working with others and sharing ideas with them
I try to manage my time to the best of my ability and this is why I never hand in things late
People often come to me when they have conflict and I act as the peacemaker
Careers that would suit my results
Public Relations Manager
Financial Planner
Real Estate Agent
District Attorney
Advertising Specialist
Personality Type
Results from Self-Assessment:
ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
Colour Analysis - Purple: "Wanting to help as many people as they can, they are more than willing to give you the benefit of their education."
Evidence that supports my Personality Type
I feel like I fit the ESTJ personality type as I am very hardworking and like to think rationally and logically, which are traits that match ESTJs
I feel like I fit the personality type of the colour purple because I strive to do well academically, so in the future, I can help others with their endeavours
Careers that would suit my results
Crime Scene Investigator
Work Preferences
Results from Self-Assessment:
best suited for jobs which require creating order and structure
happiest in leadership positions, because ESTJs have a natural drive to be in charge
prefer to be in an industrious and service-oriented environment
Evidence that supports my Work Preferences
I work best in an environment where there is specific instructions and that I can follow and everything is predictable
I like being in a position where I can help others
I also like to be in position where I can lead others to success (e.g. working at a summer camp for children and being in the LIT (Leader in Training) Program)
Careers that would suit my results
Physical Therapist
School Principal
Library Technician
After finding out who I am, I can now achieve my...
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