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Willa Animals Of The Rainforest

No description


on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Willa Animals Of The Rainforest

Animals of the Rainforest
Three-Toed Sloth
by Willa Barton
Ms. Lisa's Class
3rd Grade
Creatures name
Description :
The sloth is shaggy and has (not
very attractive) almond shaped eyes.
it has a fur coat that is unusually GRE-
EN! It has a big black nose and BIG
claws that look scary, but are only
for getting a good grip on trees. Her
front legs are actually noticeably lon-
ger than its back legs. And, NO, its
tail is not that long actually. Its only 6 to
7 centimeters! That's like the size of an
miniature doll!!! Did you know that a
sloth can be 50 to 70 cm? Yup, it can

Interesting facts:

The Sloth isn't really an attract-
ive animal.In fact, its quite hard for
a male or female to find a mate.It
also takes a Sloth a MONTH for it
to digest!!! A sloth is half nocturnal
half diurnal - it is active at night and
day. Since the sloth can't groom itself
effectively, beetles or moths might hid-
e in its hair. The sloth is pale greenish.
That's because algae encrusts on its


My creature adapts to survive
in the rainforest. Here are some
ways it adapts:
1.Algae grows on it, so it camouflages
in to its surroundings.
2. It grows BIG claws so it can pull
up roots, grab leaves, and claw
and nip at predators.

Food chain:

Limited resources:

The rain forest is an interdependent
ecosystem with limited resources. My rainforest
creature the sloth depends on other living things
for its survival.
Sloths depend on leaves, the sun, fruit,bamboo
and sometimes even dead birds for its survival.
Also eagles,snakes, jaguars, and piranhas and
alligators depend on SLOTHS to live.

How my animal is endangered:

The sloth is in danger because
of deforestation.They fall out of trees and
die.Thats also why in the rain forest- and
other places- there are only 3 sloths per
acre!!! Also when people cut down trees,
they destroy sloths' homes and food.

Food chain:
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