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Affects of Plant Diversity On Animal Population

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Anousha 346

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Affects of Plant Diversity On Animal Population

Affects of Plant Diversity On Animal Population
Plants are known as the most important and helpful resource on earth for all of us.Now a days,Plants are decreasing in number just because of us,for once there was a beautiful forest is now a golf course.Humans don't understand the affects of this on us and on the eco-system,because eco system always starts with plant.

Plants are very essential for all of the living things..Now,What impact it will it have on Animal Population if it decreases?Obviously,plants decreasing would mean animal population to decrease.The question is how?The true answer to that question is that herbivore animals depend on plants for food and carnivorous animals depend on herbivores animals meat for food.I am talking about "eco-system" here.It is not that only animals will be affected,we will be too.Let me discuss an ecosyestem example here:
No grass would mean no goat no goat would be no meat for lion and that is exactly how animals are being affected.Sharing a true fact,ecosystem will be and is being affected if there are less plants.herbivores wouldn't have anything to eat and they will die,no herbivores would mean no food/meat for
carnivorous animals.Not forgetting we also depend on plants for energy.Plant-Chicken-Humans

Name of Endangered Species
-Armur Leopard
-Cross River Gorilla
-African Wild Dog
-Bengal Tiger
Our world is not much affected by absence of plants but if the plants decrease more in number,that will result in great affect on our world.To prevent we should follow these steps
1)Save Paper,paper is made from wood,wood comes from tree.
2)Stop cutting trees but grow trees
3)Save Energy
4)Stop Air Pollution,because it affects tress
We all need home,but why destroy animals home?

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