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Alexandra's Greenbelt

No description

cheryl manley

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Alexandra's Greenbelt

THE GREENBELT green belt the greenbelt is a
protected land but
why should we protect
it? lot of plants and animals live
in the green belt we have to
protect this area since all the
animals live on it it we started
building houses on that land
the animals wouldn't get any
place to live. they could also
become extinct! we also have to protect this
area because it is farmland,
if we built houses on this
farmland, there will be no
room to plant crops on the
land and we won't get any
food to eat! What activities can you do in the greenbelt? you can go on a hike, dog sledding, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canope walking, bird watching, swimming, and fruit picking. if we started building houses we would not be able to do those activities! what living things can we see in this natrual area? we can see birds, plants, trees,
flowers, turkeys and farm animals. three interesting facts about the greenbelt #1 the green belt is the biggest
protected area in the world. #2 it is so big that it can feed everyone that lives there. #3 the greenbelt extends 325 kilometres
from rice lake in Northumberland country
to the Niagara river. thank you for listening to my presentaiton
I hope you liked it.
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