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MYP & DP and the Library and Librarian roles

No description

Vilmarie Torres

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of MYP & DP and the Library and Librarian roles

MYP & DP Culminating Projects:
THe Library's Role
Objectives of the
MYP Projects and the Extended Essay
How does the library assist students in the process of creating a high quality, authentic project?
Teaching students the 21st Century skills through the MPY and DP years.
Provide assistance to students in the creation of research tools to obtain data.

Provide assistance to students when planning their research:
- Search strategies.
- What places to visit for in depth research.
Give access to the writing style manual (MLA or APA) and assistance in:
- The structure of
the written report.
- In-text citations
- Bibliography
Advice students on the ethical use of intellectual property.
by Vilmarie Torres
Explore a topic of
their interest.
Develop 21st
Century skills.
Produce new
Share their new
knowledge creatively
and effectively.
Give back to the
Role of the library
1. Provide access to resources in a variety of formats that will become a stepping stone in their inquiry process.

2. Provide online, 24/7 access to resources and how-to guides they can use at school and at home.
Role of the librarian. . .
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