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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Religion Project

Abby S

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Born in Pressburg, Hungary in 1207 Died in Marburg, Hesse on November 17, 1231 She is the patron saint of bakers, hospitals, and nurses She is the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and his wife, Gertrude At the age of 4 she was betrothed to Landgrave Hermann's son Herman She was religious even as a young child She was taken to live with Hermann and his family after her betrothal Her mother was murdered by Hungarian nobles when Elizabeth was six years old When Elizabeth was 9 years old Hermann died and Elizabeth was betrothed to Ludwig, Hermann's younger brother In 1221 Ludwig and Elizabeth were married. Ludwig was 21, Elizabeth was 14 Ludwig and Elizabeth had three children Hermann II, Sophia, and Gertrude Elizabeth distributed alms (donations)
to people in her husband's kingdom She had a small hosptial
built below the Wartburg
castle so she could better
take care of the sick, visiting
them twice a day On Good Friday 1228
renounced the world She would longer perform her duties as queen She was cannonized in 1235
by Gregory IX She began to build hospitals for the sick Shortly before her cannonization miracles of healing were reported at her grave She wanted to follow the ideals of
Saint Francis: chastity, humility,
patience, charity, and prayer She spent all her time praying
or visiting the poor and sick
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