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A Map of Isa's Life

This is a map of my life, starting from when I was born up until now.

Isa NWHumanities

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of A Map of Isa's Life

August 5, 1997-I was born! September 1997-I was Christened. December 25, 1997-My first Christmas! 1997-I said my first word. July 1998-I took my first steps. September 1999-My first trip to Australia. 2000-I was 3 when I decided to start school at 5. 2000 to 2002-I did lessons with my mom every day. August 2002-I started Kindergarden at Wayne Thomas Elementary. November 2002-I got Mackie! Spring Break 2002-I went to Hawaii with my mom. 2002 to 2008-I attended Wayne Thomas through 5th Grade. March 2004-My mom went to Sri Lanka after the tsunami hit. Winter Vacation 2006-I went to Italy. June 10, 2007-Our dog, Jessica, died. June to August 2007-I visited Australia a second time. February to March 2008-I went to Sri Lanka for the first time. July to August 2008-I went to Space Camp and SeaWorld with my cousin. August 2008-I started middle school at NW. August 2, 2009-My grandmother died. August 4, 2009-My grandmother's funeral. Summer 2004-I went to Israel. A Map of Isa's Life June to August 2007-My second trip to Australia. I'm having a great time in 7th Grade! by Isa Ananya Spoerry
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