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Joseph Gayetty

No description

kathleen martin

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Joseph Gayetty

Joseph Gayetty
Joseph Gayetty was the inventor of toilet paper. He first marketed toilet paper on December 8, 1857. The original product had aloe as a lubricant in it.
Joseph Gayettys' life
He was born in 1827? and died ?. He was born in Massachusetts, but lived in New York where he come to the idea of toilet paper in 1857.
History of toilet paper
People used items for toilet paper like leaves, sand, rags, sticks, animal furs, and corn cobs. Finally Joseph Gayetty came along and made toilet paper.
problems of a the toilet paper business
Joseph was involved in a lawsuit in 1891. B.T. hooglands and sons, toilet paper dealers, filed a lawsuit for Gayetty toilet paper company for trademark infringement.
When did Joseph Gayetty come up with the idea of toilet paper.
Name one thing people used before toilet paper.
Why did Joseph Gayetty get filed for a law suit.
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