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The Growth Mindset Classroom

Cool Template for Workshops!

Daniel Hunt

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of The Growth Mindset Classroom

All secondary school qualifications offered at Key stage 4 (14-16 year olds) in the Island will move to the Internation GCSE offered by Cambridge International Examinations

From September 2015 the core of
secondary school qualifications offered to Key Stage 4 (14-16) on
the Island will move to the International GCSE offered by
Cambridge International Examinations
Further Reading
Aims of the session
Build awareness of mindsets & how they manifest in behaviour

5 practical ways of shifting mindsets

Time to talk
Promoting GROWTH MINdSETs at home & at school
Dr. Carol s. Dweck
What are mindsets?

How do they manifest in the classroom?
How can we encourage the development of growth mindsets?
Marking & the power of 'yet'...
Creating rubrics
Change the way we speak (& think)
Teaching about
brain neuroplasticity
Making children
aware of others who have worked hard to become the best
The ability of the brain to change, adapt & "rewire" itself throughout our entire lives
its all about beliefs and expectations

as a result of this session...

i am thinking...

i am planning...
What would you encourage these children to say?
inspirational Posters
inspirational clips
A belief system that suggests that a person has a predetermined amount of intelligence, skills or talents
A belief system that suggests that one's intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence, effort & a focus on learning
the power of yet!
the power of praising effort!
time to reflect...
links with
learning power
two great clips explaining how the brain works & neauroplasticity

The learning brain:
perfect for sharing with ks2 & up
full introduction into the research of carol dweck
nice short clip for students of all ages that says "you can learn anything'
Some questions to consider...
1. How do children end up with different mindsets?

2. How can we help children develop growth mindsets?
5 ways to shift mindsets...
1. Praise effort, not intelligence

2. model growth mindset language

3. Encourage challenge, build resilience

4. Celebrate mistakes

5. Teach about the brain
Activity Time
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