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Missionaries in New France

Me and Lauren's Project for History Class. GRADE 7

Emily Kacer

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Missionaries in New France

From Port Royal and Quebec (1604-1615) Missionaries in New France Port Royal and Quebec were founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1605. Port Royal is in current Nova Scotia and Quebec is present day Quebec. Where are Port Royal and Quebec? The Missionaries came with Champlain on his voyage and made a headquarters in Quebec. For many years they labored in the colonies. In New France if you were a missionary you had a hard life. The Missionaries: The definition of a missionary is: A person sent on a religious mission. One sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.
In our own words we thought a missionary was a person who tried to convert another person to their religion. We thought a missionary was somewhat like a modern-day priest.
We also found out that missionaries were solely men. What is a Missionary? The first Missionaries arrived in Port Royal on May, 22 1611 at noon. It has been 400 years as of 2011 since their first arrival. Fathers, Piere Biard and Enermond Masse were the first missionaries in New France. These men were the earliest priests. The Missionaries believed it was their "duty" as a Christian/Catholic to preach to the Natives. They preached the gospel to the Mi'kmaq tribe, the Montagnais tribe and the Algonquin tribe. They lived in longhouses in the village. There were 2 missionaries per village. To get from tribe to tribe they traveled alongside the fur traders in the forest. What did the Missionaries do once they came to Canada? When did the Missionaries first come to Canada? The Natives called the Missionaries "Black Robes", because the missionaries wore black robes. FUN FACT These men were known as Missionaries or Jesuit Priests. Jesuits are a part of the Society of Jesus. What were these men known as? Jesus is the son of God, in the Catholic/Christian religion. The missionaries preached about him to the natives, as they were Catholic. Who is Jesus? Mr Muma also informed us that the missionaries wouldn't let the natives have guns unless they were Catholic. Another Fact...
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