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No description

Elizabeth Staub

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of LinkedIn

World's largest professional network on the Internet
Implied market value $9 billion
84.1 million unique visitors per month
Unique skills
LinkedIn: World’s Largest Professional Network
Paige DeTine, Benjamin Jones,
Thomas Murphy, Valerie Pillari,
Elizabeth Staub

Focus on Needs of Corporations
Would provide secure inter-corporation networking
Meets demands of large segment of LinkedIn users
Keeps with LinkedIn’s desire to position itself as “asset to corporations”

Further Develop Platform
Could grab users attention more to job listings
Can incorporate push notifications
Would reach to other segments of users aside from “white-collar professionals”

Acquire a Job Search Engine
Allows integration of different users
Would address user dissatisfaction with job boards on LinkedIn
Do Nothing
No additional capital needed
Reputation remains unchanged
Structure of management and website remains the same causing less confusion to users and company
Jeff Weiner, chief executive officer of LinkedIn Corp., wants to know what more the company can do to continue its hyper-growth while maintaining its focus on its users. What needs to be done to accomplish this goal?

LinkedIn already has similar private group option --> concern still remains
Does not necessarily translate to expansion

Would require marketing expenditures
If we did not market this change, we would only be reaching to existing predominant group of “white-collar professionals”
May be slower expansion
Acquisition could cause some internal conflicts and/or client confusion with their value proposition/pricing
May be seen as unaligned with LinkedIn’s current strategies
Will come at a price
Will not proactively achieve goal of further expansion
No innovation
May fall behind due to increasing competition with functionalities we currently do not have
We chose to acquire a job search engine.
SWOT Analysis
of LinkedIn

CareerArc Group
Services limited to a narrow demographic, by nature of Company's founding mission
Functionality Advantages
“There are 3.3 billion people in the global workforce…and as many as 640 million ‘knowledge workers.’ The initial goals for LinkedIn were tied to the 640 million…But, the dream is to connect every professional, using a much broader definition”

Providing Services For more People
LinkedIn has historically focused on professionals
Career Arc Group’s job posting services will broaden LinkedIn’s audience
Non-business professionals will be attracted to new job posting features

Connecting with More People

1. Valuing
2. Financing
3. Synergizing
4. Marketing

Marketing Strategy
Communicate to current users the benefits of the new additions and gain new members by highlighting what LinkedIn can do for them
Target consumers with a direct message
Sell colleges our new services geared toward students

LinkedIn’s mobile services have been up 400% year over year
Twitter is the second most-used social network by recruiters
TweetMyJobs.com allows LinkedIn to connect with users who are only using Twitter for job search purposes

Expanding Mobile Capabilities
Revitalizing API Development
LinkedIn needs value-adding apps for their API program
Career Arc Group’s mobile and job posting services create opportunity to develop worthwhile apps

Develop plan with CEO of CareerArc for personnel merger
the Acquisition
100% Cash
The acquisition allows LinkedIn to better serve its users
Decision Criteria
Promote future growth
Be financially sound
Focus on users
Continue LinkedIn's mission to connect as many professionals as possible
We can afford it
Reduces dilution of ownership
More attractive to shareholders
1. What?
Decision Criteria
2. Why?
Competitive Advantages
Functionality Advantages
3. How?
Focus on the needs of corporations

Further develop platform

Do Nothing

Acquire a job search engine
Job posting capabilities
Tap into the life cycle of employment
Internships.com has 32,000 employers under contract (entry professionals)
2/3 of CareerBeam users start a new job within ten weeks (established professionals)
Twitter's growing presence in the networking industry
Industry consolidation
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