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YM Qiyam - Al-Falah

Omar Zia

on 5 November 2016

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Transcript of Procrastination

To Begin!
What is Procrastination?
Why Do Humans

So, What do We Do now?
1. Chunking Our Work
Islam and the Procrastination Conundrum
Top 10 Reasons We Choose to Procrastinate
What are the other times we procrastinate? And Why?
2. Yes Sets
15 Minute
Increase the Urgency by using a Stopwatch
3. Visualization
1. Think about the task at hand
2. Close your eyes and imagine it complete
3. Focus on how you feel with this complete image
4. Link this image with another great memory/feeling
5. Open your eyes and see the order through the clutter
6. Act!
Now you know how to stop procrastinating now all you have to do is start!
The Consequences
Procrastination can lead to lower work quality and just plain stress and pressure.
The Causes
Procrastination is just a result of the brain's struggle between pleasure (LIMBIC) and future pacing (PREFRONTAL CORTEX)
How to Fix it
Stay organized, work, and reward yourself in planned periods.

Remember your duty to yourself, Allah and make plenty of Du'a!
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