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No description

Geraldine Sagasta

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of APUSH

Get 2 Reading Quizzes
Continuity and
Changes Over Time

Reading Quiz
Evaluate major turning points in the Revolutionary War and their affects on the outcome of the war.
What Had Happened?
LEQ Prompt
Reading Quiz
Analyze weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation
Patrick Henry
"Liberty or Death"
Intro (
CONTEXT!! When, where, who, what..., what else... But then..
Thesis (
Although Y, X due to A, B, C

Topic Sentence
Supporting sentence...
For Example....
This shows/proves that...___ had changed due to....
This shows that...___ had continued ...
Continuity and Changes Over Time
Analyze the continuity
and changes in the relationship between colonists and Great Britain between 1763 to 1776.
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