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Copy of The Odyssey deception and revenge

Deception and Vengeance

Tieka Helton

on 4 January 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Odyssey deception and revenge

Deception and Vengeance The Odyssey Calypso deceives Odysseus by
claming his freedom her
idea and not an order from Zeus. She did it for pride and so Odysseus thought she was generous. Zeus took vengeance at Odysseus and his men by rasing a storm towards them. Zeus did this because of their attack to innocents in the shores of the Cicones. Odysseus's shipmates were deceived by the Lotus thinking it would only be food and not and addicting plant. Odysseus deceives Polypemus by telling him that his boat was destroyed,his name was nobody, and by escaping under his sheep. Polyphemus takes vengeance for what Odysseus did to him by asking his father Poseidon to make Oysseus's journey back home long, difficult, and lonely. The shipmates were deceived by thinking that the bag contained a treasure while it really contained the winds Aeolus kindly put away for Odysseus. Circe decieved the shipmates by giving them poison that made them forget home and by turning them into pigs while they were eating and drinking wine. Odysseus deceives Circe by using Hermes plant that makes him immune to Circe's poison. Teiresaias tells Odysseus that his future will be rough becuase Poseidon will take vengeance for the son whose eye he blinded. Odysseus deceives the Sirens by tying himself to the mast and still hearing their song without being united to them and killed. The shipmates deceive the Sirens by putting beeswax in thire ears. The ship avoids Charybdis by going another way. Zeus took vengeance by throwing a thunderbolt at the ship and killing all the shipmates except Odysseus becuase they killed the sun god's cattle. Odysseus took vengeance at the suitors by killing them. He took vengeance becuase they were harrasing his wife and taking his kingdom. Odysseus deceives the people in Ithaca by pretending to be a beggar. He did this to have time to plan how to kill the suitors and take back his kingdom. "Now Zeus the lord of cloud roused in the north a storm against the ships..." (line:179-180) "...Odysseus to proceed disguised as a beggar."(Summary at the begining of Part 2) "'My ship? Poseidon Lord,...broke it up...'" (line: 273-274) "There will be killing till the score is paid." (line:1284)
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