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UniFirst Road to Presidents Club

No description

Hannah Marvin

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of UniFirst Road to Presidents Club

Road To President's Club
Prospecting and Sales
#3: Salespeople Must Begin Working Target Accounts With and Through Their Sales Manager At The Beginning of Their Employment With
Universal Principles
#5: It Is The Location
Managers Responsibility to:
Universal Principles
The Bucket Concept
Set Yourself Up
#1: A Salesperson Person Needs a High Number of Prospecting Calls In Order to Build and Maintain Proper Database
Universal Principles
Right Place-Right Time
Set Yourself Up
Road To President's Club
The Type of Sales Determines the Amount of Prospecting
New Sales = Constant Prospecting
UniFirst Strives on New Accounts
Utilizing the Universal Principles Brings Successful Prospecting and Sales
#2: 1 Small Account ($50-$100/Week)
1 Medium Account ($15+/Month)
1 Large Account ($250+/Quarter)

This is done by establishing a TOPS (Territory Organization Planning System) in order to achieve President's Club
Begin Making Verification Calls No Later Than NHSE (News Hire Sales Education) Week 3
When it's Time to Make an Appointment, the Appointment Should Be Set and The Sales Manager Will Assist
#4: Salespeople Need to Have an Internal Compass
Ensure the Location's Market and Database is Grown and Worked In A Strategic Manner
It Is The Sales
Managers Responsibility to:
Ensure Salespeople Work and Keep Their Database Current and Have The Necessary Selling Skills To Set Appointments and Close Accounts
Find Their "Uniform Solution" Using Customer Needs Analysis Skills
After A Number of Prospect Calls, Knowing CXD & DM'S To Make Pre-Call Planning Organized and Controlled
Knowing When to Call For A Follow-Up, When To Present, and When To Ask For The Sale Are Factors That Change Presentation : Closing Averages
Each Prospecting Call Illustrates Progress and Is An Opportunity to:
Move a Prospect Forward
Build Rapport
Make A Sale
Establish A Number Of CXD's
80+ New Contacts and Updates per Week Falls Into A Respective Bucket
Each Bucket Represents:
A Follow-Up
Future Appointments
A.B.C Balanced Approach
A Accounts:

Holding 100-150 Target Accounts That Are Developed And Maintained Over A Series Of Months; Contacting a Minimum of 4 times per Year and Closing 1/Quarter
B Accounts:
Holding 200 Accounts That Are Based On Recent Presentations to Pending Accounts; Contacting Twice a Year and Closing 1/Month
C Accounts:
500 Smaller "Filler" Accounts Based On Being At The Right Place At The Right Time; Working Them Weekly and Closing 1/Week
Key Points For Salespeople To Remember
Control Your Internal Compass
Reach Goals
Be Your Own Competition
Stay Focused On Connects and Set The Stage for Success
Contact Current Prospects Prior To Adding New Prospects for an Accurate Database
Organize Database By Account Data, CXD, and Size For Successful Planning and Review
Building Relationships Takes Time
Build And Maintain Rapport With The DM's via Prospect Calls
The More Opportunities to Connect With "A" Prospects, the Greater Opportunities to Build A Workable Relationship
Target Accounts Require Strategic Planning
Preparation For Presentation
1. Determine What Your Database Consists Of By Examining The Full Database Statistics

2. After Looking At The A and B Accounts, Determine What Is Missing, What You Need To Do, and What Is Logical

Knowing This Information Will Give You Ownership Of Your Territory, And A Better Understanding Of What Your Weekly Sales Call Activity Will Consist Of To Allow For Growth
Salespeople's Responsibilities With The Sales Manager
Establish, Review, and Update TOPS Plan For The Territory
Determine The Number of A, B, & C Prospects In Database
Contact Market Research and Development (MRD)- If There Is A Need- To Seek Additional Advice For Updating Database And/Or Adding Prospects
With A Accounts:
Conduct Initial On-Site Investigation & Create Green Sheet
Call Each Twice per Year and Update 12 per Week To Build Rapport
Attend Sales Presentations for Efficient Team Selling
With B Accounts:
Call Each Twice per Year and Update 10 per Week
With C Accounts:
Work Them Weekly
Establish Follow-Up Dates For a Database of Nearly 800 Prospects
Sales Managers Responsibilities
Confirm Salesperson's TOPS Plan
Ensure Salespeople Contact Their A and B Prospects Accordingly
Ensure Salespeople Perform On-Site Investigations for all A Prospects, DM's Have Been Identified, CXD's Have Been Validated, and A Green Sheet Created For Each
Attend 2 A Appointments Per Week Per Salesperson When Possible To Enable Team Selling
Work With New Salespeople To Make Joint Sales Calls On All A Prospects
Conduct Weekly Reviews On:
All A Prospects On The SLX120, SLX140, and "Pending Accounts" List
TOPS Plan During the Planning and Review Session
Key Points To Remember
Focus On Connects
Schedule Follow Ups
Manage Your Database via Your TOPS Plan
Gain a First Appointment With Each A Prospect
Qualify, Manage, Grow
Work Hard and Set Goals
Use Your Resources
Chamber of Commerce Directories
Business Directories
City and Town Websites
Weekly New Business Lists and Penetration Reports
Thank You!
-Hannah Marvin
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