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Flappy Bird Outbreak

No description

Mike Truong

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Flappy Bird Outbreak

Flappy Bird Clones Outbreak!
Breaking News!
Recent reports of an outbreak has occurred nationwide due to a popular game on mobile devices known as Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird was once the most popular game on mobile app stores with millions of players and profiting $50,000 a day by advertisements. Flappy Bird caused stress, addiction, and rage to many of the people that played it which could have been a reason for the removal of the game. This action lead to the spread of Flappy Bird clones across the market in gaming. Removal of the original game gave a demand for a new Flappy Bird game and created competition among this genre of games.
What is a Flappy Bird Clone?
Exponential Growth of Flappy Bird Clones
A Flappy Bird clone copies the play style in the original Flappy Bird game, but it has a different theme. Popular Flappy Bird clones include Flappy Wings and Splashy Fish. It was calculated that the Flappy Bird clones come out at an exponential rate of 10% everyday on the mobile market or web. Within a few months, it will go from one Flappy Bird clone to thousands of Flappy Bird clones on the mobile stores.
Exponential Growth can be represented by:
The growth of Flappy Bird clones in 30, 60, and 90 days can be represented by:
Graph of Exponential Growth
Flappy Bird Clones
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