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There You'll Find Me

No description

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of There You'll Find Me

There You'll Find Me
By: Jenny B. Jones

Finley Sinclair is a 18 year old girl trying to create a new reputation for herself. She is also trying to get into the Manhattan music school, she is writing her own musical piece for her audition. Finley decided her senior year of high school to study abroad in Ireland like her brother Will did. Will had died over a year ago in Afghanistan building schools for children. On the plane ride over to Ireland Finely ends up sitting next to the famous 19 year old actor Buckett Rush. Even though she doesn't fall all over him like other girls would, he likes that about her. Finely has Will's journal from when he went to Ireland and she plans on seeing everything he saw, to make it feel like he is still alive. Finely and Buckett Rush end up staying in the same house and end up going through a lot together, Buckett also takes Finley to all the places in the journal. She ends up finally finding the end of her song that is needed for her audition. Through this whole experience of being in Ireland Finely learned more about herself, God, and Buckett Rush.
"I want you to be my assistant, and in return I will take you around Ireland no strings attached, no funny business." This is one of my favorite lines in the book because from this point on they don't really get along, but it ends up being the start of their relationship. Finley plays it off like it's not a big deal and she doesn't let his looks charm her, but he ends up winning that one. Then Buckett ends up falling for Finley and ends up making a move on her.
The main conflict is Finely vs. herself. Throughout the whole book Finley goes through anxiety attacks, depression, and even into discovering she has an eating disorder, this shows how Will's death effected her. She cant seem to let him go unless she finds this last thing from his journal. Finley has her family, host family, the school, and Buckett Rush all concerned for her health. Every time she thinks about the day when her brother died she goes out for a run. All of her running leads to her not wanting to have an appetite anymore, which leads into having an eating disorder.
One of the main symbols in this book was Wills journal. It first meant to Finely she'd be able to follow in his footsteps in Ireland and see what he saw. Another reason his journal, was important to Finely was for her audition piece. Finely is losing weight and sleep trying to find this because she is also hoping this will be the ending to her song. When she finally finds this gravestone the melody comes to her and she now realizes it's time to let go of Will.
The relevance I have with this book is Finley carrying around Will's journal of where he went. I'm going to Ireland in February and my grandma is making a list of places she wants me to see and take pictures of. When my grandma was younger she went to Dublin, Ireland. That's one of the last places we are stopping in Ireland and I will see the Dublin Castle just like she did. When I get home we will be able to talk all about it and what we thought about it.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, but I think girls would enjoy it more than boys would. The reason I think a girl would enjoy this book better because, it has to do with a girl who thought this famous actor was a terrible person, but turned into the love of her life. Then again this book could also relate to anyone who had a lost of a close family member.
Text 1: Depression? My year of Therapy? My change of diet?' My voice snapped like a twig in a flame "My brother was murdered." This quote shows the physical and mental damage his death put on Finley.
Text 2: "It's just... at dinner, I see you pushing things around your plate, giving it to Liam, and even you giving him your dessert."
"Im just stressed thats all." This goes along with her eating disorder.
Text Examples
Text Example
Text 1:“What is it you want, Finley Sinclair?"
Some peace. Some healing. To hear God's voice again.
I wanted to find my brother's Ireland. To put it into song.
And I wanted my heart back.
"I'll know it when I find the gravestone." I looked past Beckett and into the night sky. "Or when it finds me.” She wont give up on the last thing to see what Will saw so she can see it too. She also has a good feeling that when she goes to the gravestone she will find the ending to her song
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