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Positive and Negative effects of Media Entertainment

No description

Bryan S

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Positive and Negative effects of Media Entertainment


Effects of
Media Entertainment

Effects of Television
Media has great effects many things in today's generation, including our lifestyle and our decisions made. Furthermore, these effects can be positive or negative. Although, it is clear that these effects will shape our current lifestyle. It is obvious that media will always play a important role in society.

Everyone is exposed to media on a daily basis. Whether it be video games,television or even music. These types of media can contribute positive and negative effects that can influence your life. These influences can affect your lifestyle and how you choose to live it.

Effects of Video Games
Since the origin of Television, it has always had a great impact on society. However, it has some negative effects on children. Research has shown that due to seeing violence on television :
-Children may become
less sensitive
to the pain and suffering of others
-Children may be more
of the world around them,
-Children may be more likely to behave in
e or
way toward others.
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Effects of Music
The number of song references to
, and
use has been growing over the years.
14 percent

of songs referred to marijuana use,
24 percent
to alcohol,
3 percent
to tobacco,
12 percent
to other substances.
4 percent
has references to anti-drug and anti-alcohol use.
Whether these messages to people affect their
life choices
with each person that listens.
There are some positives that come from music, video games, and television. Kids
that watch more educational and
informative shows such as PBS are
-Usually have
-Are more
in their studies
once they get to high school.

According to the
American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry,
-Television programs display
violent acts per hour
-The typical American child will view more than

acts of violence,including
murders before they turn 18
The rise of video games is starting to cause a impact on everybody.Instead of just watching video games make the person become a active participant rather than being just a viewer.
97 percent
of teenagers between the age of 12-17 play video games.Study shows that teens who play video games are:
-More prone to
with their teachers
-See a
in school achievements
-Tend to be more
-May engage in
with their peers
Video games also result in:
with each other and
making new
-They are also more
than people that
do not play video games.
-Video games help teenagers
-Video games increase
problem solving
-Video games improve
hand-eye coordination
, fine motor and spatial
-Music can act as a
coping mechanism
and can put a person in a good mood.

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