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Towles New Tech

Learn about Towles New Tech!

Kara G

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Towles New Tech

Knowledge and Thinking is the grade that you get on what you know. This is also grade of the content of your Written Communication.
Towles New Tech is a program where mostly everything is PBL. PBL is the abbreviation for Project Based Learning. Here at New Tech, we use technology most of the time, to complete projects. Unlike Montessori where we use textbooks.
Comparison Between New Tech and Montessori at Towles
Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of how to use Echo, our Towles New Tech website. Echo's homepage has changed, but some of the features are somewhat similar.
New Tech uses technology for learning purposes.
Montessori uses textbooks and worksheets to learn.
New Tech doesn't have silent reading time or lit circles.
New Tech has group projects, and Montessori is more independent.
Both programs are at Towles.
Both programs have written reports.
Both programs have a place to check grades and missing assignments.
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's)
Agency is another word for being responsible for getting your work done on time. In New Tech you have to use agency to be able to complete individual and group tasks to earn high points in agency. Some of the groups are based on agency, so you better get your agency up to get a group member that works really well.
Towles New Tech
Echo Video
SLO's (Student Learning Outcomes) are the topics that you get graded on in your classes. They are Oral Communication, Written Communication, Agency, Knowledge and Thinking, and Collaboration.
You get graded on oral communication when you present to the class. The facilitators grade you on eye contact, speaking with a loud, clear voice, and good posture.
Oral Communication
Written Communication
Written Communication is the written portion of each project. You don't necessarily use a pen or pencil to complete the task. You use your laptop to type the written portions of each project.
Knowledge and Thinking
Laptop Rules
New Tech
What are SLO's?
Respect your laptop.
Never take off the sticker that has your laptop's number.
When holding laptop make sure to hold it with both hands.
Always plug in your laptop when you are not using it.
If you have low battery, ask a facilitator for a brick (battery charger).
Don't take your laptops into the bathroom. Why would you?
Don't let others touch your laptop unless it's necessary or if it's a facilitator.
Knowledge and thinking is what you are graded on when you present a project. It is basically what you know about the content of the project. If you want a good grade, you need to make sure you know all about the topic, so you can explain it in your own words.
Trust Cards
Trust cards are cards that show
that the person wearing them is trusted. Trust cards are always worn, so you can have privileges. You can earn your trust card after you participate in the culture project at the beginning of the year.
Collabration is how well you communicate with your team members. You are graded on how well your team works together and how you talk with your team member during work time. The more respectful you are to your teammates the better your grade is!
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