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Limelight: Small Business Marketing

No description

Audrey Howes

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Limelight: Small Business Marketing

Limelight: Small Business Marketing
Topic 1
Topic 1
History of Branding
Man has cow.
Man wants everyone to know he owns cow.
Man brands cow.
Cow is man's.
We need a
Now branding is
shifting again.
So what is BRANDING?
Branding is not...
your logo.
Branding is...
identity plus perception
“In practice: A brand is an experience living at the intersection of

BlackCoffee Branding Agency
Is branding important for small businesses?
"Branding is what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.”
- Tronvig Group
Branding Basics
Branding Check List
Define the ONE THING your brand stands for

Audit your marketing channels. Are you communicating that ONE THING?

Tell your story. You say you are _____, tell the story of how

Use logos, colors, fonts, and other visual clues to trigger association with your brand

Marketing For Small Businesses
I can do it all
It costs too
much so we'll
skip it.
"There are only two things in a business that make money – innovation and marketing, everything else is cost."

—Peter Drucker
Before You Market
Identify your perfect customer
Get as specific as you can
, target your materials to your ideal customer
REMEMBER: You cannot expect a like or an email address today to turn into a customer tomorrow.
Marketing Channels
Websites aren't optional
Get a website that ends in .com
Choose usability over content
Use a clean and simple design
Don't overload your site with keywords
Update your content regularly

PPC can be a great way to attract interest from potential customers
YOU set your budget
Make your ad enticing AND direct to useful information
One of the best ways to update your website content
Spend very little time on self-promotion when blogging
Find other businesses who blog and ask to trade content

Easiest and most budget friendly form of marketing when done WELL
ALWAYS ask for permission
Collect emails ANYWHERE YOU CAN
Make your emails easy to scan
Segment your list
Check out MailChimp

Email Marketing
Video does not have to be expensive and it can be really effective
Keep videos short… think 30 seconds to 1 minute
Give a tip, trick or basic information about what you do
Post it to your website, blog and YouTube or Vimeo channel
Include a screenshot of your videos in your email newsletters
Check out the free tool Screengrab Pro
65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of direct mail (DMA Factbook)
Try using the copy from one of your best performing emails as your copy for your direct mail piece
Large format postcards have a high response rate
Personalize as much as you can
Offer an exclusive DIRECT MAIL deal
Direct Mail
Social Media
Facebook receives about 750 million unique visitors every month from people all over the world.

Try to post daily on your page
Link to your blog articles, new website content or videos
Run a special promotion or sale just for Facebook followers
Respond quickly to Customer Service posts.
Facebook Tips
Did you know?
90% of local searchers say they use Facebook to find local businesses
Businesses on Twitter engage users by providing links to interesting and relevant content, offering promotions, and providing support.

Tweet at least once a day
Tweet links to interesting and relevant content
Respond quickly to any customer issues on Twitter
Try to keep your tweets even shorter than the 140 character limit to make room for retweets
Twitter Tips
Did you know?
Tweets with #hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without
Linked In
With over 200 million users, LinkedIn is designed for professional networking. LinkedIn is a must for businesses whose business is primarily B2B.
Create a Personal Profile AND a page for your business
Consider using the Groups feature if you have a product or service which generates a lot of conversation
Post to your business page regularly with company updates, job openings and new content
LinkedIn Tips
Did you know?
More than 2.9 million companies have LinkedIn pages
Essentially a digital corkboard or idea board, Pinterest is continuing to take the social world by storm, especially with women. If you are a retailer or have a lot of visual content, you should seriously consider getting on Pinterest.
Instagram is a photo sharing app where users can add effects to their pictures, share them on Instagram and post them to Facebook and/or Twitter. 28% percent of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram.

Foursquare - Users check-in at locations on their phone

Google+ - It hasn't caught on big with the public yet, but could benefit your search traffic

MySpace - (Yes, it still exists) Primarily for bands or those in the music industry
Don't Forget...
The original form of social interaction...
face to face conversations.

They are back in style. So, stop in & say hello.
Marketing Tips
Ask for feedback (and ask to share it!)
Partner up & swap space
Ask for referrals
Give plenty of sign-up opportunities
Send handwritten notes
Whatever you do...
Do something.
And try a strategy you have never tried before.
Free Resources
Stock Images:

Imagery and Icons:


Other Resources:
Edit photos for free with Pixlr.com
Make cool looking quotes with Quozio
Create infographics with http://infogr.am/
Make your own meme https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

You've got questions...
We've got answers.
Ask away!
Thank you for coming!
Pick a couple of fonts that work with your logo
Avoid Serif fonts

Decide what your main message is
Make sure all of the above complement your message
Your Logo
Do you have one? Does it fit with who you are?
Stay away from overly used icons
Will it reproduce well?
Keep it simple
Brand Colors
Know what your colors are and use them
RBG, CMYK, Hex, Pantones
Make a brand guide
Take Baby Steps
Ask for an email address, Facebook like, Twitter follow, etc.
, provide value adds
Blog posts
Tips, tricks, ideas
Free samples or trials
After they’ve been following for a while, try offering something bigger
Brand everything
Create a visual thread
Fake it til you make it
Giveaway knowledge
Pay attention to the competition

Send handwritten thank you notes
Host Invite a Friend events
Try the 'Gift With Purchase' strategy
Reconnect with lapsed customers
Track your successes and opportunities
Host Invite a Friend events
Try the 'Gift With Purchase' strategy
Reconnect with lapsed customers
Track your successes and opportunities
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