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A seminar by Pascal van Steen, Prezi U Ambassador

Pascal van Steen

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of PREZI & ONLINE MARKETING (en)

Adam Somlai-Fischer (the artist)
Peter Halacsy (the scientist)
Peter Arvai (the entrepeneur) How Prezi has grown After founding in Budapest april 2009:
Investments by TED en Sunstone Capital Leading to San Francisco office in november 2009
reached 10 mln users in april 2012! CONCEPT:
"Share anything that's shorter than
a book and longer than a tweet." PRETTY COOL BUT HOW CAN I USE PREZI? TEDx PREZUMÉS COMPANIES NEWSLETTERS NEWS EDUCATION How can I use it? Create an account on Prezi.com
Use your school e-mail!
BASICS Click anywhere on the canvas to add text

Use the menu to:
Add documents/images/youtube videos
Add frames
Add a path
Add a theme/customize to your own taste THE ZEBRA TOOL Spin Zoom Drag GROUPING 1 2 3 4 5 Overview Details Tip: watch out to not make the audience
seasick when using rotation between frames! HAPPY ZOOMING! HISTORY INSPIRATION? If you don't have it, Prezi can help you
with their templates
Some people allow you to save their prezis for editing
For example:
(Use Ctrl to click links) COMPETITION Make your own awesome Prezi
Mail it to pjjsteen1@avans.nl
Have a chance to win some Prezi SWAG The possibilities are endless! Keywords Newsletters Embedding Text in a Prezi is now also shown under the actual Prezi, so turn up in search engines Make clickable subjects, so people can skip to the
part they have interest in New feature which enables you to copy the full HTML code to place on your (companies) website More useful links: http://www.prezi.com/learn/manual




Twitter: @PreziAvans How do companies/organisations use it? http://prezi.com/ru2jrgepa0a_/this-is-nbc-news/


http://prezi.com/xevyb6z82wsl/phi-kappa-psi-parents-presentation/ Tip: You can collaborate with up to
10 people in a single Prezi
using Prezi meeting!
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