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Raine's 4th grade life

No description


on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Raine's 4th grade life

Math: Improve and Disaprove
1) What have you improved on/learned more about in math this year?
I have improved on " Represent Equations using a letter standing for a unknown quantity" I improved on this becuase in the beginning of the year I was at like a 1 or 2 and sice the months have gone by i'm a average 3 or 4

2) What standards will you continue to work on?

A standard I will work on is my Prime and Compost. I believe I should work on this because I want to work my hardest on this and try to do my best and show that I can do it.

I will take the things in 4th grade and I will use this in my adulthood!!!

Math: 4th grade reflection
1) What was your favorite part of 4th grade math class

Learning algbra, my mom is not that well at it so I want to help my mom and make her better at algbra also it is one strongest suits.

2) What is one study habit that you need to improve on is

DO NOT GIVE UP!! I give up really easy and I really want work on that and this is going to be the thing that I will work on over the summer

Math: My thoughts
I really enjoyed math this year because I think I have really grown this year and that made me HAPPY!!
Reading and Writing: Reflection
1) I think I've grown as a reader in the following ways

Going slower when I read and also stopping at periods. This also helped me in my writing because I learned to make sentences shorter.

2) As a reader this summer, I will

Read as often as I can as a good alternave for waiting at the pool for when they take the 15 min. break I can read during then to!

Reading and writing: Reflection
1) I feel that I am a better writer now because

I have learned alot lately and that made me become more confident on my writing so I can have the courage to read my writing aloud

2) As a writer this summer I will

Write in 2 ways! With paper and pencil and computer and fingers!

Raine's 4th grade life
Thank you!
Why I enjoyed 4th grade!

I enjoyed 4th grade because of the
teachers that are always here to help
everyone and that makes me feel really
good about asking questions because
I was kinda afraid to ask questions in the
past and that makes me reasure that I can as question.

Things I have learned in 4th grade

1. Algbra
2. Long Division
3. Tradional Muliplaction

1.Non-fiction Feature Articale
2.Book Club Reading Extension
3. Personal Letters

Field Trips

1. Clifford Still museam
2. Adams Mystery Playhouse
3. Denver Zoo
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