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Getting Through the World of Cyberspace!

There are many things to do in the world of Cyberspace that isn't necessarily bad. You will find that the Internet is one of the most easiest source to go to. You just need to be safe.

Daniel Mallela

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Getting Through the World of Cyberspace!

Getting Through the World of Cyberspace! I need information on this topic; where should I look? Sites such as Google act as a tour guides around the Internet! Where do I look for Information? BE CAREFUL!
Sites like google can also lead you to sites that contain viruses and worse yet... Adult Rated media... To prevent this! You must know how to use a search box! This is a search box! Now it's common sense on how to use one! But, you want to use keywords! Never type in full sentences in a search bar because you'll get millions of results! What you want to do is type in nouns and single words. For Example, If you want to find out something for a paper...
Instead of typing in... How old was Abraham Lincoln when he was assasinated? You should type in: Age of Abraham Lincoln when assasinated Remember Kids, if something looks suspicious never enter that site! Who knows how fast something bad can happen! Here's a list of some good sites that can help you with information! www.encyclopedia.com WARNING! Not all information on WIkipedia.org is correct! Wikipedia does still
have some real information. Don't use this site if your teacher says not to! What should I do in this situation? Hey kid! How old are you? Now from school, you know what to do! You ignore them or say "no" and avoid contact! But! Sometimes it's not so easy! People may actually have the potential to drag you in! Such as relating to you Sending false information Asking you about personal things Telling you about their personal info! Whatever the case is, you should avoid contact because you don't know them. Only talk to friends that you have already met offline and you actually know them! CYBERBULLYING! Now, if you are a victim of cyber bullying you should tell someone!
The only person hurt is you! Don't hold back and not tell! There are crazy people around the world, and they're not afraid of saying things to you! Play the game right, and don't fight back. You should ignore that person, and if it gets worse. REPORT THEM! To the website you are on or to a legal guardian! Expression on the World Wide Web! Now, who wouldn't want to express themselves! If you like it or not, people express themselves daily on the Internet! Now if you want to also! Continue watching this Prezi! The key point of expression is safety, believe it or not! Here's a limit on what you should say about yourself! 1. Hobbies
2. Things you enjoy
3. and many non-descriptive items. The list doesn't seem very expressive, but you
shouldn't express too much! A lot of expression can lead to people getting to know you! There are smart people in the world and they could decipher almost anything! Don't include info like your name, location, and ways to contact you! Like I said earlier! People are CRAZY!!!! How to look for Reliable Sources! Reliable sources are easy to find! Watch out! Not all sources are official! How do you tell? It is simple, you look for: Who was "blank" by
When was "blank" published
and if there are some copyrights! Always look around a site, it can be in small text and even right in front of you! Never use sites that are not official because the may not be accurate! I hope you enjoyed this Prezi! And remember kids! Safety is Golden!
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