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Arab Culture

No description

Madison Greenhall

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Arab Culture

Arab Culture
a "keffiyeh" is a square cotton scarf, usually worn by men.
a "bisht" is a cloak popular in Arab countires worn over a thobe.
a 'burqa" is an outer garment that covers their bodies when they go outdoors.
a "jilbab" is a loose fitting coat or garment worn by women.
a "hijab" is a head and chest cover that is worn by older females, only in the presence of males.
Arab Language
Arabic is the 6th most used language in the world.
the amount of people who speak arabic is approx. 186,000,000
Arabic consist of vowels, a, i and u.
it's much less complicated then Latin, and simpler then german.
Arab Food
popular arab foods
grilled hallumi
foul meddamas
arab writing
grilled hallumi
when you're taking pictures, avoid photographing women, military buildings, or instillation (police buildings)
do not ask an arabic man about his wife, just ask about his family
religion customs
the arab's god's name is Allah
they believe that his will is through prophets.
they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.
this is the 9th month of the islamic calender, muslims across the world fast during the hours of day light.
Ramadan is the 4th of the 5 pillars of islam.
they pray 5 times a day.
the end of Ramadan comes with the festival of breaking the fast.
dietary restrictions
they are forbidden to eat foods that contain blood, any carnivorous animal, pig based products. and alcohol.
some communities are allowed to eat shellfish
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