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Pablo History Of the United States

No description


on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Pablo History Of the United States

Barack Obama
Washington D.C
National Animal
Bald Eagle
President Of The United States
Lives in The White house Washington D.C
Good Places to Visit
Washington D.C
Lady Liberty
Washington Monument
White House
George Town
Lincoln Memorial
Good Places to Visit in New York
China Town
Time Square
Satue Of Liberty
Empire state Building
Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Ground Zero
Metropolitan Museum of ART
Central Park
Broadway Shows
RocketFeller Center
United States is a very unique contry it has many people that live there.Alot of people visit there beacuse it has very different cool stuff that you can visit like Wahsgitnon D.C and New york City I've visited those places i recomend them to you they are very cool you should visit the white house where the presiident lives it is very cool. Another thing about the United States is that there's alot of people from diffrent religons like: Jews Christian Catholic and more!
1 thing that i like about the Unitited States is the cars i love cars and when i go to my house in the states i always see the cars like Ferraris i love them.
It is also kind of dangerous beacuse if your in like New York you have to be carefully. beacuse they are alot of bad people to so you have to stay nxt to your mom or your dad. When i go there i eat alot of food i love the food there : like fries hot dogs hamburgrs you shuould try them. The national animal of the yunites states is the bald eagle the bad thing is that there in exstiction. If you see one you have good luck beacuse it is very hard to see one beacuse they live in places that humans don't go to thjey are veryy preaty too.

5th Avenue
My Country
National Animal
Bald Eagle
Apple store NYC
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