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Embracing the digital age

No description

Teresa Chinn

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Embracing the digital age

An internet minute @WeNurses
The impact of social media @WeNurses
Curate, create, & contribute @WeNurses
Hello.... @WeNurses
Embracing the digital age
Nursing & Social Media

Teresa Chinn MBE - @AgencyNurse
Unlocking potential @WeNurses
Get started...... @WeNurses
Keeping to the code @WeNurses
Don't just take
Add value too
Revalidation & CPD @WeNurses
Visibility @WeNurses
Being socially visible isn’t complex – it just takes a little thought and purpose.
Some practical tips @WeNurses

Be engaging
- talk to people, talk to a variety of people, make it a rule to chat to two new people a week

Be reflective
- comment on tweets, blogs, links & videos start a conversation, tell people what you think, reflect on your experiences.

Be Twitter saavy
- use pictures, share links, join in Tweetchats, don’t just retweet

Be human
- be you, share stuff that you find interesting

Be consistent
– whatever you do, do it regularly

Be a 10 minute a day advocate
- Ten minutes a day of quality engagement spent on Twitter is ten minutes well spent

Organisational perspective @WeNurses
Where is your organistaion?
Be human ... @WeNurses
How do we move forward?

Quality not quantity
Use your connections

Social media is SOCIAL ... be yourself, make mistakes, missspell worbs ;D
Revalidation & Social Media @WeNurses
Revalidation & Social Media @WeNurses
What will you do? @WeNurses
What can you do today?

How can you start to unlock the potential of social media ?
Twitter discussions can count as participatory CPD
"It’s important to remember that the NMC doesn’t prescribe any particular type of CPD; we leave it up to you to decide what activity is most useful for your development as a professional."

"To meet the participatory learning requirement, you simply have to undertake activity that involves interaction with one or more other professionals. This can be in a physical environment or a virtual one – you don’t have to be in the same room as the people you undertake the activity with."

NMC 2017
What will you do?
What nurses are doing?
The impact of social media
Lets get tweeting!
Social media - whats the point?
Professionalism online
Revalidation & CPD opportunities
Making the most out of social media
Where to go to get started
Good morning !
All of a Twitter!
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