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Navigating Social Media

No description

Rina Goloskov

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Navigating Social Media

Familiar Routes
Navigating Social Media
Check Your Mirrors
Relationship Builders

Strengthening relationships
Extension of offline life
Personal storytelling
Heavy posters and commenters
Town Criers

Facebook = soapbox
Online world ≠ offline life
Broadcast only
Window Shoppers

Social obligation
Rarely divulge personal info
Little liking or commenting

Lots of posting...for attention
Energizing and validation
Approval seeking
Charting My Course
Work/life integration
Separate profiles
Employer's expectations
Org's social media policies
Avoid politics
Friending lay leadership
Integration level = organizational mission & culture
Find Your Path
Ask for Directions
Read the Manual!
Rina's Rules for the Road
Be a Relationship Builder
Check your organization’s social media policy
= they're both part of me
Facebook Groups:
Nonprofit Happy Hour
Thriving Nonprofit with Joan Garry
Nonprofit Communications Professionals
Nonprofit AF
Joan Garry Nonprofit Leadership
Creating a Social Media Policy
Darimonline.org: bit.ly/DarimSMP
Edutopia.org: bit.ly/edutopiaSMP
Techsoup.org: bit.ly/techsoupSMP
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